What's your dream wedding dress?As is well known, the wedding day is the most important day for a girl, when she enters a new stage in her life. Thanks to the first designer of the wedding dress so that the bride can enjoy the sweetest feelings and applauses from all the guests.

I’ve long had my dream wedding scene and wedding dress in my mind: at the seaside, ballons and flowers all around; I, wearing the pure white wedding dress, walks to my next happy life.

What’s your dreaming wedding dress or wedding like? Or you can share your stories.

My dream dress is lace, mermaid with princess cap sleeves. I have always loved lace, I think it looks elegant and sweet.

My dream wedding is in winter, with alot of candles and deep red or purple bridesmaid dresses and flowers. I want a smallish wedding, just those who are really important to me and of course my future husband.

Just nice, pretty or elegant. My dreamy wedding dress is the one I will love it at the first sight~~~
The feeling is the most important~~~~

I prefer a red one,that must be Floor-length and with one shoulder,I always dreaming of a wedding dress like that ,it always charming .Hope one day i could really get it on.

my wedding would be in the spring out side near the( sea )with allot of flowers roses, baby breath, carnation’s of spring color’s my dress will be long with beads with lace and (sparkles)a v neck line. a long vale with some (sparkles) going all the way down with small flower in my hair..having balloons every where. flowers on the charis with ribbon and big bows (white) at the site a over arch with all kinds of flowers for my flowers mostly roses and baby breath that gos all the way down to the grown. this would happen at sun set. happy wedding.

Honestly, I’d have had to custom design one that would suit the venue, have straps or sleeves, and still be modest enough to wear. Since I got married a year before Kate Middleton wore her stunning gown, it was incredibly difficult to find a dress with sleeves, and the ones that did had low necklines or backs. I did find a dress that I loved and that suited the venue, though, and am thrilled to have found it.
I wore my hair half up and curly, didn’t wear a sash, and accessorized with simple pearls.

I think my dream wedding dress would have to depend on the person I’m marrying and the venue. But off the top of my head I love bling and lace. I think something girly, sexy,glam, and romantic all at the same time.

White, of course, with a strapless sweetheart-neckline corset top that laces up at the back, and the skirt would be made of tiers and tiers and tiers of lace. It would have a small train, so there would be a little pool of lace around my feet, and I’d wear pearls with it.

My dream wedding changes all the time, but right now, I want a wedding in a big forest on a summer night, with candles and Japanese lanterns everywhere. It would be a small wedding only for close friends and family, and completely magical.



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