you already know one thing: your engagement will be platinum. You have the raw material in mind, now you have to tackle you in choosing your ring. Our advice to be in good timing.

Your engagement will be platinum or will not! High-end, this precious metal is the purest, it is also very rare: a luxury that we can afford for her wedding, because this ring, we guard a lifetime! Moreover, it is robust and hypoallergenic, which makes it even better. Your model, you choose according to your taste of course, but also from your hands to your body type (are you are made for very fine or most impressive models?).

J- 6 months: some documentation …
First, you can document, if you have no idea about the model to which you will wear. Browse the catalog s, pry the Internet, select some addresses from your eyes to see the few rings that caught your attention. You can find such jewelers whose heart business is platinum on the site Platinum Guild. This identification work (rather nice, anyway), you will get a first idea: make six months before the big day seems very reasonable. You can also request a creation: If this is the case, a first appointment six months before the wedding is appropriate for your jeweler can realize it in the right timing.

J- four months: in the thick of it!
Establish a short-list of bands that appeal to you to decide. And try them! You will know when you have slipped on your finger, if the platinum ring you wear will be yours for life. If you want your two engagements agree, try them with your partner, to check that they are perfectly matched. Other cases: the blow of heart! With this one, there is no discussion! It’s like when trying LA wedding dress: it is a revelation. After this step, you choose your ring and have ordered. Take care to think about burning that you want within your engagement and that will be requested at the time of establishing the command: this may be your names, wedding date, but also a phrase that keeps you heart. This stage of selection and purchase can be made ​​4-3 months before the big day, knowing that your model will be realized or ordered in your size and the burning time is at least two weeks. You can also consider, in this timing, balances, wedding fairs and late collections: many opportunities to perhaps bargain when buying your wedding rings in platinum.
Complete your purchase
When your two engagements platinum are ready, you will be informed by your jeweler. It remains for you to complete your purchase carefully and keep your rings until J. An important step also: keep them with the greatest care. To avoid disappointment, you can also opt for a safe in a bank, for example, that will keep them safe until these engagements platinum adorn both hands for life!

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