Wedding green and Eco-friendly, why not? Whether you are nature lovers, fans of recycling, Eco-friendly or just environmentally, we have found for you LA designer wedding dresses 100% ethical. Noble and natural fabrics, sophisticated creations ! The chic and recyclable style is fashionable!

Valérie Pache is defined as an event designer dresses but also as an Eco-designer by its ecological commitment. She works with recycled materials since studied fashion design in Paris: second life with materials such as paragliding or parachute or using old vintage collections unworn, industry falls, or old fashioned roller wholesalers, for the trash.

When asked why, she’ll tell you “by ecological conviction, why produce what already exists? “.All fabrics are ethical: organic, natural, recycled or vintage. Respect for the environment is a priority and we must say she excels in the art to ennoble the existing material.

She loves passionately divert materials from their original function, test, study, adapt, the married, feminize or otherwise make them masculine. The stuff the guide, its color, its texture, its provenance. She studied carefully, and tames the story she inspires him. Manufacturing is French and handmade in his workshops.

His creations are a landscape inspired by a sometimes imaginary journey, tree, water, flowers etc. … His personal convictions and creative spirit give rise to collections of beautiful, stylish and Eco-friendly l environment, what more?

Paragliding and recycled silk and recycled, organic hemp, boiled wool or recycled plastic parachute, each dress has indeed its history. If you want the custom, Valerie will offer naturally to create an exceptional and unique dress completely in your image. No doubt his creativity, professionalism and natural poetry will help you achieve all the dress of your dreams.

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