Until recently, marriage was frowned pregnant. But today things have changed and women can wear tummy on her wedding day unapologetic. If you’re one of them, read on.

Before pregnancy weddings were precipitated more by shame and “what people say” that the desire to marry.

Now you can take your time you to prepare your wedding even match the months in your tummy will be more prominent.

  • Do not dismiss at any time from your mind the chance to feel like a real princess that day, do not put limits or barriers when choosing.
    If you’ve always dreamed of marrying white, fulfill your dream. Being pregnant is cause for joy, not sadness and dark colors if you do not want.
    Try to be a lightweight fabric that despite or you do not press and with which you can move freely.

To choose the models before you know whether you will marry in the first quarter or second of your pregnancy.

  • In the first quarter, dresses cut to be the best you feel your figure constantly changing.
    In the second quarter, however, dresses Empire style , under the breast, will be ideal to look perfect that day.
    Best not very pronounced necklines and tight sleeve or a little but of course, it will also have to do with your constitution and what you you sit more comfortable.
    Still, if you want to look neckline, which will favor the more you will be in V .
    Do not forget that it is your day, you have to feel beautiful, comfortable and as light as you can to enjoy every minute.

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