While all brides want to be the most beautiful women in your wedding, are often lost when choosing your wedding dress. The experts at France, an online store specialized international wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, festive cocktails, along with his chief designer Michael Jones, have a great vision about what to select and how to keep wedding dresses. If you want to look perfect on your special day look at these basic tips to choose the best dress.

What should you consider when choosing?

Although the colors and textures of fabrics the greatest concern, should also be considered meticulously details, including necklines, back designs, lengths and other factors.

A small trick for women is to wear dresses with empire waist with deep wrinkles in the waist line as they can make you look taller and slimmer. Avoid exaggerated shoulder designs such as balloon sleeves, which make it look lower.

For women it is advisable to choose very high straight-line dresses with few frills, avoid high necklines and intricate designs on the waist.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

1. Long gloves make the arms look more slender. If your arms are very marked gloves in white or ivory can make the arms look more plump.

2. Satin is better than taffeta. Michael believes that this varies depending on the personalities. For brides who are feminine and sweet, taffeta fits better, as the satin makes it look more mature.

3. Dresses with fishtail just feel good to slim figures.While you have a flat stomach, you can sit right a wedding dress with fish tail. In fact, fishtail dresses can visually lengthen your body line profile.

4. Not always necessary to try on a dress before proceeding to your purchase provided you know your exact size. Another major concern is the variation that can have color. Fortunately, there are services like promformal to offer fabric samples with free shipping, providing insight into how these colors and touch with these textures.

Bridal Fashion 2013

“I personally am positioned in favor of green, the color king this year,” said Michael. “I recommend wearing ties and accents to the ground and high necklines designs, showing very feminine details. Fancy necklines are also excellent if you are looking for a conservative image, yet lovely” she said.

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