After the feast, the wedding night. Divine program! Yet in most cases, it would happen in the arms of Morpheus …! The sexual revolution has been there. Once the last party guests, you could, quite drunk and tablets, you collapse, and with the myth! However, some long-standing traditions persist …
Medieval wedding night
For years, the parade has announced the time of the marital union by walking noisily in the streets of the villages. Then, relatives or maids of honor proceeded to undress the bride before disappearing …

With the Middle Ages appeared a strange regulation disappeared in the eighteenth century: the night of Tobit. The carnal act was banned for three days following the wedding. In Cornwall, the young people were not to talk, or to look for this period! In Lyon, the guests remained massed in the bridal chamber, lit candles and singing until dawn to prevent any union!

Classic wedding night
Another ancient custom, “Toast” is still prevalent in some French provinces. Married escape surreptitiously during the meal or the ball in an undisclosed location. The guests then put every effort to find and invade their bedroom. Thus discovered, spouses should swallow a drink more or less appetizing presented in a saucepan or a chamber pot.

By region, the mixture is to delay sexual intercourse (wine soup or milk with bread pieces connected by strings) or promote (soup aphrodisiac spices) … This rite is accompanied by classic jokes but effective : bed portfolio or disassembled, itching powder, bedstead unscrewed bell in the mattress!

Wedding night in modern times
In the nineteenth century, in bourgeois circles, married went on their honeymoon in Italy and Provence at the end of the ceremony. Thus came to an end most rituals.

Today, they overshadow the rather quietly when decided without farewell to not break the mood of the party. The parents remain until the last guests have left. The groom normally charge booking the bridal chamber, in an idyllic location if possible and kept secret from the bride.

But the departure of the bride and groom sometimes openly, possibly accompanied by some local customs and ribald songs as is the case in Britain.

Exotic wedding night
In more remote areas, the habits vary from one country to another. In China, lovers simply eclipsed in their hotel room. In Thailand, after the party, the guests are still married escort to the room. The parents of the bride solemnly join their hands as a rite of passage before disappearing.

In Morocco, after having watered the sheets of rose water and orange blossom to bring them happiness, dates, nuts, raisins and dried fruits, energy supposed, are arranged around the bed! Finally, Haiti – in a few remote villages – persists the ancestral ritual of showing off the stained sheets after the wedding night …

Practical advice for the wedding night
Your reception venue offers accommodation? Many owners offer you a complimentary for your wedding night. Another advantage: you do not have a long way to go!

For an exceptional night, know that the palaces offer many services: transport in a private car with driver suite, champagne reception and fresh flowers …

Gentlemen, to make sure we have room, a few months in advance will not be too much.

If you do not want to be woken up at 8:00 in the morning, planning to put on the door the little sign “Do not disturb” …

Do keep the kids if you have them, find a quiet and secret place and turn off the phones!

Take with you gently relax your body products: an effective cleansing and soothing facial cream, gel for tired legs, salt for a possible foot bath and a relaxing bubble bath with essential oils.

Why not plan a wedding night “offset”? A few days after the fiesta, find yourself refreshed and ready for a real wild wedding night!

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