All the time we dream of going to buy our wedding dress, to find that perfect garment that feels us like a glove and make us feel princesses for a day. When you go for yours, consider these tips.

Choosing the wedding dress is a very exciting time but also feel a great responsibility. You would like your partner, your guests and to like yourself.

From here we encourage you to be yourself, you feel good in your dress and think first about you and how happy you’ll be Luciano on your big day. To start, get yourself some basic questions and consider your response to incriminate when choosing your dress.

What season you get married? Not the same a wedding dress spring to winter, for example.
What type is your wedding? A wedding in the countryside, on the beach, vintage, classic … Your dress has to inspire the same as the rest of the environment of your wedding.
What style do you like for your dress? It is directly related to your personality. Romantic , modern, simple, classic … every bride has her own.
Do you prefer a long or short dress? Not go short are less bride, now no precise models. Otherwise if you want to go long, go ahead.
You know what color you want your dress? The traditional white or shades like ivory nearby or champagne, or daring you and bear a colored dress or a touch of color is embroidered, tie or stamping.
What is your budget? You know what margin figures you move will help you choose the shop or store where you can buy your dress. There are very affordable options. Remember that you can also rent it .

Finally, do not forget not to have a body ten to be impressive in your dress.

Nobody knows better than you how to get you out party.
The type of cleavage, the cut of the dress, everything influences.
Choose a dress that fits your body and its forms and feel inside and out as the main character you’ll be the day of your wedding.

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