hoosing the wedding dress is a decisive and unexpected moment. Now that the warm weather arrives, brides can also show off legs and remain princesses. Short dresses are gaining ground and prominence, more and more.

Yes, it is true that the bride par excellence has long gone. But times are changing and designers take to market precious wedding dresses short to be taken into consideration when you go to choose yours.

A short dress is perfect for civil weddings at City Hall or the court and replaces the classic suit jacket giving a look of real girlfriend was previously more difficult to achieve.
Short runs from the thighs up above the ankles, there is plenty of models that will serve as the type of ceremony or the kind of feast that go to celebrate.
A short dress can be perfect for an elegant and sober look, to 50 or 60, and even vintage chic but can also be a romantic dress you tap more youthful and carefree.

They are very fresh and light so they are ideal for brides marry in the hottest months of the year.
You can take advantage and use colorful accessories , such as a jacket, bolero or shawl and do not forget the shoes, which has also reached the color in bridal fashion.
Wear short dress does not mean not being able to wear the veil or tiara on your wedding day but what usually look better with this kind of dress is a hit .
There are minis, baby doll, ladylike, chiffon, tulle with overlapping with corset or straps and all kinds of necklines and materials. Sure to find the perfect place to be dazzling dress on your big day.

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