The wedding day is a day of nerves generalized, one day, even take much time and very calmly, always ends up being crazy and rush his protagonist.But to get bogged down as little as possible and do not forget to take back anything important, we propose a list of essential things for your wedding day.

The truth is that if you prepare everything with some time lag always going to leave a perfect wedding and need not to worry about anything, but as I say the nerves can play you a trick and make last-minute details that you forget seem somewhat “silly” but to help resolve any trouble in emergency importatne day of your life.

Things needed for the wedding day:

Makeup is maintained:

  • A good wedding makeup is essential to be excellent and perfect in the wedding day, but not set yourself nervous because obviously you always have to do some retouching after the ceremony or during the banquet.
  • Sweat or any or any inclement weather could spoil. As a solution can also include mattifying papers to remove excess fat.
  • Do not forget the lipstick for touch up after lunch, as the color may be losing intensity and flashes will not stop. Also important are matificar makeup powders and skin brush to apply.
  • Moreover, it also adds a nail kit because even bear the manicure done perhaps with the dress and re hooking you break a nail, and need this kit to show off your nails for your big day perfect .

Fan for summer weddings:

  • If it is summer, it is important to include in this rescue kit, sweat and spoil the bride makeup, dressed surely get fresh, hot can suffer.
  • Also a good range is not only necessary for makeup, thinks the time may have to be in the wedding car, or in the church, and the dress that will surely give you weigh and heat. Never forget a good range for your summer wedding.


  • You never know when it may damage the stockings, so take a spare pair do not take up much space and can save you from trouble.


  • In the same way that a fan in a summer wedding will be a great ally, the scarves are also very important, and not only because if you spill atear, but also because what we ourselves need to attenuate thesweat and also boyfriend.


  • Although it may seem silly, it will not hurt you in the wedding car leave an umbrella or tell a friend or our mother carrying a folding umbrella and more if it is a wedding fall or winter.
  • Imagine that at the time of leaving the Church falls a shower. You can not risk that really spoil both dressed like the hairstyle and makeup.

To contact lenses:

  • If you wear contact lenses, do not forget to take liquid lenses in case you need to take them off for some reason and a small bottle of artificial tears if your eyes are dry you smoke or air conditioning.

Shoes parts:

  • After much time, you can get at your leisure at the banquet, so do not go bad buy spare shoes for comfort, the day is long!.
  • The truth is that no one will say anything, and in fact many weddings also invited to use this “trick”, and over to the bride’s dress will not be long if you bring your “heel” or shoes more comfortable.


  • Whether you want to take flat shoes or not, we recommend that you take a few strips in case you have scratches, as though you tried them weeks before the wedding, new shoes, you will probably end up causing injuries.

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