The dress, that’s it! After weeks of research, doubts, dilemmas and fittings, you have finally chosen your second skin for that special day no longer be long. But what would a wedding without accessories?

To the fullest perfect fit, you now have to find something to your taste, but also gems to the bottom that will accompany you throughout this long-awaited day. I will not wait reveals trends accessories 2015 for a neat look into the  details.

Transparency in the limelight for the accessories of the bride. Photo: Pronovias 2015

Like the trends 2015 wedding dresses or even guest outfits , this is indeed the transparencygames that are favored in the heart of essential accessories for any bride this season.Boleros, jackets and vests or gloves leave indeed a special place to transparency which is adorned with elegant lace or drapes that complement to perfection the basic outfit of the bride.

The trend is reflected transparency side shoes.

Often, traditional wedding robes hardly leave your shoes and show your feet manicure freshly made ​​for the occasion. This is not to say that this step is not to treat. To stay on trend this year from head to feet, heels from the latest collections of bridal brands special shoes do not sulk either transparency: a reminder learned the various details of your outfit.

Colored bridal attire for a trend shoes in 2015

An alternative to the time of choosing the pair of shoes that will accompany you throughout the day is to try color. Red farting, brilliant detail or tone reminiscent of your wedding, there are many possibilities for a touch of pizzazz and contrast with the dominant white event.

Bring sparkling touch to your outfit with white color shoes.

Another trendy in 2015 and comes at when we discover the new collections of wedding dresses for many necklines in the back, more or less plunging accessories: jewelry not only admire but face coming back also dress of the bride. Beads, feathers, colorful details … You choose the combination that suits you best!

The neckline in the back is adorned with trendy jewelry.

The veil, an accessory that seems timeless. Every bride has already asked the question: complete her outfit by gently covering the hair or face, or not. If you have opted for the first option, a multitude of styles of veils available to you.

The veil, a timeless accessory.

However, if you want to follow the trend in 2015, this is the romantic veil priority should be given. A stylish look inspired past, but also an original accessory and a complete outfit to listen to the latest fashion years!

Estelle veil by Rhapsody.

Finally, because a perfect wedding dress should leave nothing to chance, your underwearalso have the right to follow the latest trends! White, again and again, and sets both sensual and refined, showcasing lace. Your wedding lingerie, you must choose so that it turns your figure but also depending on the cut of your dress, not to mention the aesthetic side, essential for the continuation of this happy day …

A married tend to her lingerie.

Choosing your bridal accessories must be reflected as they can change completely the style of your outfit, but you now have all the keys in hand to achieve combinations of your choice according to the latest modes: elegant, trendy and eye for detail, you’re going to impress more than one!

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