What colors predominate at weddings this year? What are the themes, animations, environments deco most popular married? Charlotte, the wedding planner Com’une orchid agency answers our questions.

In 2015, it is undoubtedly the retro-vintage trend prevails, as in previous years. But with a much more minimalist design, a natural ambience and vintage accessories. Thus, “we increasingly China in flea markets, we choose the old decor and being away from its primary function to make a decorative object in its own right,” says Charlotte, wedding planner of the Com agency an orchid . A way to save money, as married who choose the DIY (Do It Yourself, home-made) still this year. It helps to bring a more personal touch to the organization of the wedding, and pride to create and make yourself her decor, her prayer book, the gift of the guests … There is also the trend of retro wedding with the groom, wearing clothes very dandy style bow tie (wool), suspenders, jacket or pants colors, etc.

The wedding decoration : you choose lace fabric, fluid and vaporous. For 2015, there is more emphasis on freshness, nature in an atmosphere both elegant and cheerful. Charlotte, which organizes about 20 weddings per year in France and abroad with Marjory (his partner) found that more and more married use the nice furniture (arbor, rugs, cushions, sofas) to create a cozy atmosphere . “We then played on the lights because the corners lounge multiply in weddings,” she says. And that’s not all: as the ceiling is decorated by dressing lanterns or Japanese balls. But this has a cost, “it would take about 40 balls to dress up a room and 5 euros the ball, it adds an average of 200 euros in thewedding budget . ”

As for table decor, opt for this year ribbons falling. This concept imported from the USA becomes trend in France. Moreover, it poses flowers on the tables, the season is selected. “The wildflowers comeback as the gardens of roses,” the wedding planner. Thus, “the bouquet table decoration is much more fluid and vaporous, with a multitude of small containers.”

The color trends 2015. The pastel colors are always trends for weddings this year. One can choose bright colors but softened, and avoids flashy colors. Nevertheless, lighthouses colors of the year are primarily the Marsala (burgundy) and navy blue (marine blue). These trends colors will meet both in the decor (flowers, candles, tablecloths or napkins, ribbons), clothing (dresses bridesmaids, bridal shoes) of the wedding cake, or menus and table names …

Cocktail and dinner. For a friendly atmosphere (especially appreciated in wedding day), bet on the trend Food Truck! All choices are allowed: hamburger, Tex-Mex, Breton pancakes, duck specialties …

2015 also marks the madness bars. Already known candy bars, but this year it is the bars soft drinks in tattoos (tattoos), cigars, sushi and wines that are in the spotlight and make their effect with guests.

Another trend is the Garden Party, for a fresh, natural marriage. Smoothies, buffet of fruit and vegetables cocktail delight guests who will settle in a cozy corner in the shade of trees.

As for meals, married mainly choose veal, quail or the bobbin thread. The wedding cake is always a tendency with this year, an attraction for the dessert buffet which offers a multitude of choices, which is always appreciated.

The moods and wedding entertainment. Because this is the happiest day of their lives, the couple want the memories remain engraved with their loved ones. That is why, creative workshops, photo booth, original prints guestbook or tree often find themselves at receptions.

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