One of the most special moments of a wedding is the dance of the bride and groom, with the song choice a difficult decision for any couple. So today we made ​​a selection of the best songs for our wedding day .

If a film is important to choose the soundtrack that best conveys the feelings and sensations that the authors seek to express, you can imagine the importance of finding that song you begin your life together and covering all the emotions of a moment so unique .

Although the tradition is the waltz of the couple, more and more couples who decide to pick a song meaningful to them. If you still have not found the perfect song for you, here you have a compilation of the best songs for the first dance of the couple, both in Spanish and English. What do you think?

1. A thousand years – Christina Perri

Two. “Without you” –   David Guetta feat Usher

Three. Breath me – Sia

Four.Dreaming with you – Zenet

Five.For you I’ll fly – Andrea Bocelli

Six. My heart will go on – Celine Dion

Seven. Everything changed – Camila

Eight.To touch the sky – Tontxu

Nine. Till my final – Il Divo

Ten. I can not live without you – Alex Ubago and Merche

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