The bride has to look radiant and very beautiful at the wedding. Clothing, accessories, makeup and hair, are responsible to reflect the style and personality of the bride.

The bride can wear the most elegant dress that exists, but if the rest of complements not be in accordance with the dress, the result may vary.Always keep in mind the following is not the same wear a dress with straps neckline that hair up with the loose hair. Then I show how to choose the best hairstyle according to the neckline of her gown, so pay attention :

If you are a woman who has nice curves, then feel free to wear a dress with V-neckline, since this type of neckline shapes your waist slims the body and creates a very sensual effect. For V-neck dresses an updo that is romantic, nothing rigid, water waves so it is really natural and simple is recommended.


Low collected with a little volume on top, it’s perfect for dresses with boat neck dresses or those possessing a closed neckline. This type of necklines are particularly suitable for those classic women.


If you have chosen a beautiful strapless dress, I assure you are in luck, because this type of dress can be worn with many hairstyles and everything depends on the personality of each bride.

  • Some brides may wear her hair touched or small wreaths, with which you can create a very simple style, but with personality.
  • Avoid strapless collected rather give your hair a little movement can do it with a semi-collected with braids, with a casual collected or worked with a cute hair and a natural result.


For asymmetrical neckline dresses, I suggest you choose a side low ponytail or braid pin. Those brides who choose a dress with this type of necklines are not identified by conventional girlfriend, why can risk a little more with the hairstyle, but always following the same line of the dress.

Types of flattering necklines for your wedding dress

Obscured or illusion necklines: if you’re a bride who is looking for a sophisticated effect, as would advise you choose a veiled be draped neckline tulle or lace turtleneck. If you want to give your look a touch of whimsy choose necklines veiled with embroidered appliques glitter or rhinestones.


NECK IN PEAK O “V”: This type of neckline is widely used by brides, because it helps to stylize the silhouette and visually reduces clears the neck and chest. For a more casual and youthful look, choose a dress with strapless neckline V. For a more conservative look choose a dress with short or long sleeves neckline V.


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