This time it’s decided … you get married!

You are the angels, your eyes sparkle, and you have only one desire, shout loudly for everyone! But how do you do it?

Generally, the announcement of a marriage is synonymous with joy, hugging and champagne. Consider, however, that some people deserve more respect than others, especially your parents or your best (e) ami (e) …

If marriage means union for you and start fresh duo, for some parents it can spell failure.
Indeed, it is the time of the announcement that many parents realize that their “little girl” or “their boy “leaves the nest to fly on his own and create his family.
It is therefore essential to the proper shape and tone when you will share your big news.

The type of ad to ban, especially for the immediate family, is quickly sms or calls where one slips “Here in fact, I did not tell you … I’m getting married!”.
This method is far too radical and risk of offending many.

The method to be adopted

There is no real manual to announce a future marriage, everyone will do according to his history and his relationship with his family …

The most important is the time.
Needless to say that we must choose the most auspicious day.

Better to announce your marriage when your parents are in a good mood or when they are on leave!
Avoid the day they just received a ticket for speeding or where your little brother just missed his exams!
More atmosphere will be relaxed over the announcement will be welcomed …

And the place?

This may seem strange, but where the announcement of the wedding will be done is crucial for you as well as for people who learn.

If you are already living in a couple, planning a nice little dinner with parents and in-laws.
There is no doubt, a very good excuse to invite them over a good bottle of champagne!

You still live with your parents? No problem! Invite them in their favorite restaurant, and please, do not expect to announce their dessert!

What words to choose?

Do not fall into silliness, it would ruin the effect of your ad.
Do not go into too complicated guessing that no one will understand!
Choose simple words that suit you, use a cheerful tone but leave room for doubt that emotion upon confirmation of your upcoming wedding is even greater.

Prevent the rest of the family and friends

Of course, you are not obligated to invite every member of your family to dinner!
Organize yourself and especially careful not to offend anyone, it is often frowned prevent the neighbor before the great aunt.
To avoid strife and bad language, make a list of people to prevent, if possible, establish an order of importance.
Obviously you can prevent your best (e) ami (e) before your great grand cousin you only see once year!

Now that you know a little more, it only remains you share your joy with your family and friends!

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