All brides dream to wear muscular arms D-Day so that their photos are perfect and they can greet their guests without stress. Wear a wedding dress with short sleeves or a strapless wedding dress is not mission impossible! You just have a can exercise …

Therefore specify some things:

• There is no magic formula for what is the arms of the bride. If your arms are “chubby”, it is not enough to do strength exercises for the fat that covers the muscles go. You need to reduce your total body fat percentage, for this practice aerobic exercises such as walking, biking, swimming …

• The fat deposits where always there to fat cells, so you will be more muscular, less fat will accumulate.

• Contrary to what many people think, “gain muscle easily” is a myth: it is never easy to gain lean mass. We must engage in regular physical activity with a lot of discipline and attendance.So do not be afraid to do exercises to strengthen the arm. If you adapt your diet, your arms will not increase volume, however with a healthy diet, they are refined!

• Appropriate training: There is no a single year for each. But if you want to refine your arms rather prefer intense workouts with little heavy loads, rather than a short training with heavy loads. This will prevent the musk ular hypertrophy.

• Remember to take into account your genetics. Many women accumulate fat in one place and not in the body, the distribution is not uniform. Changes are possible, but what works on one person may have no effect on another, depending on the body type.

To show her arms on her wedding day is not mission impossible! Photo: Fabio Borgatto -

To show her arms on her wedding day is not mission impossible!

Finally: Do not forget that the effort must be continuous, not just those days when you feel like it. As you arrive at the desired result in persistent in your efforts!

With proper training and patience, you’ll be shining the Day!

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