In a marriage everything is important, obviously married at the heart of this day, but the guests is what we are thinking? Yeah, let’s not forget they did certainly kilometers to attend your wedding, you prove that you take short, during your wedding you must choose a gift of thanks for each of your guests Follow our ideas!

The cap gentleman!

Difficult to find an idea for an original gift for your guests. Well look no further. There is to offer them a gift in a beautiful gift box, a chrome cap, it is actually a plug and pour set essential for not finish or a bottle of wine champagne. Your guests will not believe … A gift that your guests will keep forever as a reminder of your wedding!

The candle and love heart

If you want to keep it simple but still with a touch of originality to offer a thank you gift to your guests do not hesitate to opt for a beautiful white candle heart. A gift that may please your guests, and so they will not forget how you have to thank.

A wicker basket filled with gifts

By cons, if you see it big as your wedding, you will have no trouble getting a bigger gift to your guests. If the ideas do not come, well you can think to offer a wicker basket filled with a good bottle of wine, small bouquets of flowers, pots of jam and especially a photo of your wedding for that day remains etched.

Jars of Sweets

Simple, elegant, unusual but you can offer your guests a much more classic and traditional gift but will certainly please your guests. And yes, do the famous sweets bag, your name, hidden in a small pot of color, according to your choice. Very original and funny, this action will affect your guests, and keep a good memory of your wedding.

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