Who says you should look radiant only way to the altar? You have a right to feel like a princess in every crucial moment of the beginning of your new life with your prince. The betrothal or civil ceremony, for example, are also special occasions when you need to shine.


Divine Luce your civil marriage ceremony!

This time, Web of the Bride, we will precisely, the second most important ceremony of your life: civil union. From the hand of designer wedding dresses, Catterina Suarez , we’ll show you the most beautiful dresses and trends dream for this 2013.

You can use from dresses to coats and notched peplum skirts , but the point is that if they are to be guided by the trends, always wear something that defines the style and personality of each.

Asymmetric Dresses

Some time ago figured wedding dresses and would not be more classic dresses; definitely seebolder designs both down the aisle and in the civil union ceremony. A sample of this is very clear asymmetric dresses, defying the tradition of the wedding gown for religion, and the short dress for the civil ceremony.


Marchesa Bridal Design 2013

Apparently, the clothes-mainly asymmetrical skirts have become a boom because its design is very interesting, besides being subtly sexy legs to show in the front. And not only see eye asymmetry in the slopes, but also on the sleeves and necklines. This asymmetrical design is Catterina and love it!

Suarez Catterina Design

Suarez Catterina Design

The asymmetric fashion is here to stay, and if you’re a fashionista girlfriend, definitely want to accommodate this trend in your ceremony.

A dress with sleeves

Short or long sleeves definitely give a classic touch to your dress and vintage, not to mention you can make the most elegant part of the entire room.

This is one of my favorite trends because it reminds me of the stories of princesses, especially long-sleeved designs. Just remember the dress that Kate Middleton wore for her marriage to Prince William . Why not feel like a princess on your civil marriage in a dress with long sleeves?


Short wedding dress from Pronovias

That is, this is a trend that is super good for winter or fall, in fact it makes more sense to wear a dress with sleeves in winter when it is very hot. Anyway, these dresses are super fresh, the sleeves are usually pure lace or some other transparent material.


Dress for civil marriage, Modern Trousseau

And if it comes to looking innocent and tender, short-sleeve designs are right for you. These certainly take you back to the 30s, especially if the design of your dress has cute lace, sequins or transparencies.


Design of civil marriage dress, Jenny Packham

Civil marriage dresses with transparencies and lace

As you may have noticed, this is one of the strongest trends for this year! The delicacy of these materials will make you look like an angel on your wedding day, why are most brides look like Catterina tells us:

Chantilly lace, Brussels lace, guipiur, taffeta, chiffon, satin, etc. materials are most wanted by brides, so we see in almost all designs bridal house.



Design of Jenny Lee in the chest with transparency and tulle

civil-marriage-dress-142013 Theia wedding dress design ideal for short civil ceremony

Junko Yoshioka


Detail Peplum Dress in your civil marriage

Catterina me that the trends for wedding dresses trends generally reflect more formal clothing, used in cocktails, for example. No surprise then to see that this cut is so feminine also among the favorites of the designers for brides: The peplum.

civil-marriage-dress-9Marchesa Bridal 2013, charming peplum!

Marchesa is definitely the fashion house that has most inspired designs for brides, and was expected to also incorporate a couple of designs with peplum detail. Not just to be fashionable, but also because they are very flattering to the female form:

If you do not have hips ideally the peplum, which sharpens your waist and “make” curves, moreover, is so popular that no one will notice it’s a visual trick.

Although only two designs, more than enough. They are perfect! The one I show below is my favorite, as masterfully combines the trend of lace and transparency with peplum.

civil-marriage-dress-52013 Marchesa Bridal tulle peplum detail

Retro wedding dresses, modern always!

It can be something contradictory to say that it will always be modern retro but the truth is that the designers have carefully observed the desire to rescue the best of the past to revive it in the present, and have been surprised to learn that there are some specific designs always were, are and will be fashionable.

What you have to remember is that like a religious wedding, civil marriage is a very important ceremony which will take thousands of photos that will be to remember. Therefore, the dress or suit chosen should be as timeless as possible, that is, must be cute at the time of marriage, within five years and within 20 years more.

civil-marriage-dress-4Matthew Christopher inpsirado design in the 50s. Do not forget the headdress!

Those designs wedding dress that lasted in history, then you show them. And do not forget thetouch , which certainly gives it a special touch.

And if you go for something more fitted, why not embrace the wave pin-up ? Be bold all a girl in a dress that enhances your curves, and an intense crimson in thy lips.

civil-marriage-dress-8A flirty silhouette and a sweetheart neckline are perfect for a dress retro “pin-up”

And if you are looking for a more Jackie O or Audrey Hepburn, there’s a dress for you. Go for dresses with eyelet neckline and princess cuts on the knee type.

civil-marriage-dress-12St. Pucchi wedding dress for civil wedding

These designs are perfect for women who want to cover a little more, or for those who are a little ticket in years.

civil-marriage-dress-13Theia dress cut in a vintage

Going back a few years in time, to the era of the Charleston to be exact, you have this dress Ivy Aster that can serve as inspiration. A straight cut neckline and eyelet details at the end of dress.

civil-marriage-dress-19Ivy Aster for brides

You see, there is a style for every bride, so all have the opportunity-and the right-to shine in one of the most significant dates in his life. If you want to contact Catterina and work together on a design dream. Did you choose your model?

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