Irish Wedding Traditions/ideas needed?Just got Engaged! Planning on having an Irish Wedding next Summer 2013. Need any and all ideas to make it happen. Not sure what color to use for bridal party, flowers, etc. Please help us.

Do a google search. But how do you get your heart set on having Irish traditions if you don’t even know what they are? That seems backward to me.

Favors for guests: magnets with REAL shamrocks in them(you can make these yourself),shot glasses.
Bridal colors: Gold and Green (beautiful color combo) OR Green and Orange (colors of the flag)
Flowers: white roses,Ivy,lillies,shamrocks.
Food: Potatoes,potatoes,potatoes! Corned beef stew with cabbage. Goody-a dessert dish,Boxty-potato pancake,Champ-scallions,butter,milk,pota… The Irish are noted for alcohol,especially beer and whiskey.
Other help suggestions: The Irish culture is generally Catholic,envolves Potatoes,Beef,alcohol,and their beautiful landscape.

Are both of you Irish? If so, you both would have family tartans (think english family crests) take your colors from both and use them in your flowers, centerpieces, decor.

If this is an Irish/American wedding you can use the following traditions as well.

You could have a Claddagh ring as an engagement ring which the crown would face in toward the wrist and then once married it would be turned toward the nail. the claddagh ring must be given as a gift.

If the sun shines on the bride it is considered good luck for the couple and if you hear a cuckoo on the morning of the wedding or see three magpies it is considered lucky.

After the ceremony, it is important to have a man, not a woman, wish joy to the couple.

Funny tidbit: after the bride and groom were inside the church, the guests would lock the door so the groom would not run away!

Try to use Irish lace in your dress, garter or bouquet.
Bagpipes to play popular tunes such as “Highland Fling” and “Stack of Barley”
Celtic kilts can be worn.

Traditional Irish menu – Irish Soda Bread,Corned Beef, Cabbage and you can drink it down with Whiskey and Guiness Stout.
Irish Wedding Cake: Fruitcake filled withalmonds,raisins,cherries,and spice laced with brandy or bourbon.

Here are a few modern traditions on the above: One bagpiper to play at certain points instead of a full band,favorite champagne but with an Irish Toast and do not forget the one tradition that is a must (if possible) Honeymoon in Ireland!

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