Although the Wedding Planner will assist you in various aspects, what you have in your head he will have it out for her to understand your dream. The ring is on your finger, you are the happiest of women and the world suddenly collapses on to the idea of everything that has to do for the wedding. Do not worry, this is normal. You’re excited and you want to do everything at the same time. So what I suggest you do before choosing your Wedding Planner is out of Pinterest, storing all the wedding magazines and déprendre a moment, every two to think about this wonderful experience.

1. What is important to you both?

The first thing to do is think about what is important to you both, for your wedding day. But also ask yourself what you want to feel that day? You want it to be fun? Romantic? Full of surprises? Respectful of traditions? Or whether a party through the night?

What you can do is close your eyes and imagine how you will be on your wedding day. What will happen? What people will say and how you feel? Then go to the ceremony, cocktail and reception.

It may seem strange at first but this exercise can help you understand what is really important to you. I’m sure in your mind it is not the color palettes or small details that emerged first. It is essential to start with everything that will make you happy to be able to better focus on the rest.

2. Think weddings inviting you

All went to parties we adored one is, and also some we loved a little less. Think about all the weddings you’ve gone and made a list of what worked, what could have been done better?What did you enjoy most? The meal? The atmosphere? Music? This exercise will help you understand what you need to focus your attention.

Crédit photo: Sanya Komenko

Photo credit: Sanya Komenko

3. That I hate!

If Reflecting on your wedding stress a little, then you can do the same exercise from a different angle. Think about what you do not want. Make a “do not do” list including everything from the entrance to the ceremony to the smallest detail. This will help you make the order in your ideas and also to understand what is essential for you.

4. Memories guests

When your big day is over, what would you hear from the mouths of guests? The meal was excellent? It was great dancing? It was very touching? Ask yourself what you want the guests to remember.

5. Do not focus only on the result

Finally, we often forget but marriage is more than a single day. Think of all the organization of marriage. Do you want to enjoy a little of your status as engaged before starting the preparations? Do you want to take care of everything? Do you need the help of a professional?

Also think about how you want people around you feel about your big day involving them in the preparation you want? Ouvoulez spoil you with lots of surprises for the wedding day?

The whole process of organization is supposed to be a relaxing, fun where you remember all the reasons for which you have decided to get married. Do not focus on the big day, because that part of it is also part of “marriage.”

Crédit photo: Britton

Photo credit: Britton

With these five points you should now have a clearer idea of ​​what you want to create a unique wedding and you are completely!

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