Grooms, it is not that we are going to learn, but successful marriage requires a very large organization.

D-Day, we want everything to be perfect, that everyone has fun and that this ceremony is on record. That is why today I will talk about the different plans available to organize your reception tables. The first sure thing,decorating your wedding table will agree with your wedding theme (if you have one)

And now, let’s become an architect wedding, and to rival the biggest “wedding planner.”

The various plans wedding tables for a successful banquet

Depending on the number of guests, and the layout of your room, you can choose one or the other plans. But my first advice is to seek expert advice from your caterer. And yes, it is customary to provide weddings and organize receptions, he will have great tips to guide you.

The plan “Chevron”

Ideal for a wedding with many guests, the plan is to have a head table at the top, and below this table it will have other diagonally leaving a center aisle.

The plan “rake”

Also ideal for a big wedding, there are three large tables in U, and inside the G tables arranged in parallel are added.

The “Round Tables” Plan

This plan is one of the favorite and most common at weddings. It is to have several round tables, usually 8 to 12 people. The head table can be placed in the center or on the edges facing all guests. This plan can not have large lines of people face to face, but gives a very friendly aspect reception.

The plan “T”

Again, we approach the great classic wedding tables. This will place two large tables perpendicular to form a T. If you organize a wedding in a small group, this plan will be perfect for you.

Map “U”

This plan is based on the same principle as the plan rake, but the tables inside. Placed three large tables in a U-shape, and the center is kept to a dance for example. The plan is to ban receptions of more than 50 guests, otherwise you would rooms of immense length.

“The head table”

Depending on the seating plan you choose, here is a table should not be overlooked: “The web”

You can choose from some shots to share your table with only two, and avoid leaving a hole at another table because you will often stand to be around your guests. Or you can choose to sit at your table your witnesses, and even your immediate family.

Beware though the placement of your guests, you need to arm yourself with patience and reflection to make the right choices and do not place it next to people who do not like each other. But this is another story.

In the meantime, leave us a comment below to tell us what plan table you have chosen for your wedding, and how was the meal.

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