In advicewedding we saw recently what were the things needed for a wedding , and though the hits that are not essential, the truth is that they are trend now and that is why we want to help you can carry you so that your wedding dress look more beautiful and elegant.We explain how to make a headdress for a wedding.

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Headdress bridal wedding:

  • The main material is needed to make a beautiful bride headdress will be a wire that allows you to mold to the shape of your head and then you can cover with a silk thread for example.
  • Once you have formed the “backbone” or body touched, picked a bit oftulle and feathers and maybe add some gold or diamonds.
  • The key will be to take all these elements and cut with a form that has style, such as a flower, and that allows us to put together andglued onto the wire that I have mentioned.
  • Thus, for example the wire covered with silk thread blank can colocarnoslo like a headband to which we will have added the above details.

Headdress wedding guests:

  • For the guests, you can bet by making a simple touch, and very modern we can even take on other occasions beyond a wedding.
  • We will need a bit of cloth, silk or any other material that we seem flashy or sleek hair.
  • We can make a sort of diadem with which to create a kind of bandana for our hair. It is better to go for a design that is not too thick, but we leave a piece of cloth that is slightly larger in the hair, and make it more thin on the forehead.
  • We can also buy clips or needles that have flowers or bows or details that are featured and place, sewn or glued to the headset we’ve created.

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