The buns are still feeling the brides. At all ages and in all seasons, they give a fresh, clean and very elegant touch. They are easy to maintain and adapt to all the wedding dresses high lighting the neckline.

A high romantic bun surrounded by a headband. Photo via Matrimonioematrimoni Blog

High, low, natural, pulled asymmetric you choose the bun of your wedding

If you plan to wear a wedding hairstyle original, follow these simple steps to find THE bun that will fit you perfectly.

◊ Oval face: It is better to focus on a high bun without free wicks. This will give you a sophisticated air.

◊ Round face: You are free to opt for a high or low bun, but flexible. Leave some free strands around the face to remove some of the excessive sweetness of your face and give you a more natural look.

◊ Long Face: The classic bun is not recommended, it’s worth something flexible and asymmetric. And nothing like that to focus on a few accessories.

◊ regular face with some details as to minimize: If you have normal features but a nose or a mouth sized, we recommend a low bun. Avoid, however, banners and wreaths .

High, low, natural, pulled asymmetric you choose the bun of your wedding

Another variant we are fans, braids. A classy wedding hairstyle original assured. Take a look at these pictures of bridal hairstyles with braids and intertwined , these pictures of vintage wedding hairstyles and these ideas wedding hairstyles 2013 . And be sure to check our directory to find providers in your marriage.

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