The color is very successful in the dressing brides and extends to accessories. Shoes wedding colors are an option to consider, certainly not leave anyone indifferent. You dare?

Under the wedding dress many secrets, some of them can be displayed proudly, like shoes hide. The color is trend and has already reached the foot of the bride, are you game?

The only prerequisite if you decide to wear some shoes color is the same as for white shoes and its range: its brightness or lack of it is the same as that of your dress.

What’s your favorite color? Red, blue, purple, fuchsia … bring it on that special day, it will give you a unique strength and energy.

You can also make the color of your shoes combine with any of these things:

Flowers in your bouquet .
Some of the base colors of your wedding decoration.
The same look in the tie of the groom.
Some of the jewelry and accessories you are going to wear that day.
If you can give the whim, many shoe designers are beginning to introduce models girlfriend in bright colors and wonderful models .

An advantage of these shoes is that you can then use them on other occasions, more often than any model in the range of whites.

Especially advice for choosing your bridal shoes is q ue you feel comfortable and remember that if you have not thought then cambi├írtelos, the’ll look all day.

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