If you are a bride who will marry in a civil ceremony, I recommend you pay close attention and read this post.Because here, I teach how to choose the right dress for a civil marriage, so you can look beautiful and elegant.

For a civil marriage, the bride should wear a classic look, but not containing contrasts of volume. Especially, the dress must be prepared in simple fabrics and never use mantillas, veils and dresses long tail.

A bride gets married in a civil ceremony, you should choose suits, which are light colored, can be short dresses bridal skirt or pants, what matters is that comfortably fits your body. Today, it is used in civil marriages,wedding dresses short, as they are very easy to choose and very comfortable to wear.


You can also opt for dresses long traditions, but should be simple and sober, that way it will be possible to create a versatile look and will look perfect for a civil wedding . It is convenient to choose dressed in many layers of fabric or lace, as they mostly are used for religious weddings.

For the brides who are more daring, you are advised or they can choose a divided skirt, that way they will look incredibly stylish in addition provide a modern and unique look, so it all depends on your personal tastes.


If you like what customary or traditional for civil wedding, you can choose a long white dress, but try to have a simple fall, no glue and no veil. For this kind of marriage you can use any neckline that I wanted and always trying to choose the one you favor.

Personally I suggest you choose a dress in white, beige or bone, have some small details in rhinestones or lace, because these models are very favorable to look charming and sexy image.


Some advice for the bride:

1. The bride who married civilly have the opportunity to choose any dress you like, you can use a bold pattern, but without exaggeration. The only thing you should try is to look comfortable and cool.

2. As a rule, it is said that for a civil wedding, the bride should wear a dress simple model and are not very sophisticated. The dress chosen should always keep in mind its essence and style. The most favorable for a civil wedding are: A cut dresses and princess cut.

3. If your civil wedding took place in the day, whether in a garden or on the beach, wear a short dress cool and comfortable girlfriend. A long dress asymmetrical or girlfriend, is perfect for a civil marriage that takes place at night.

4. To choose the right wedding dress is very important to keep in mind: the weather, the place and the formality of the event.

5. Always choose the dress you like, that perfectly suits your figure and your personality concorde. In addition, the dress should enhance the beauty of your body, trying to hide these defective.

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