The wedding dress you have chosen is your guide for choosing your hairstyle for your wedding day. Believe it or not, the hairstyle is responsible to give your look the finishing touch, so it is very important that you choose considering the style of your dress, so that the complete hairstyle, harmonize and improve the image you want to display.

Important tips for choosing the perfect wedding hairstyle

-To Harness and wear your hair, it is appropriate to use a strapless dress. For perfect luzcas have to take care and hair loose, with large waves or molded.

If you do not like her hair look, opt for an updo or for semirrecogido are two suitable options if your chosen dress is strapless.

If your dress is V-neck, I recommend you opt for a beautiful semirrecogido, but it falls on the side, if you really want to soften the effect opts for a higher collected, if you really want to promote it.

-A Neckline halter dress is suitable to expose the back and shoulders. To wear it in the best way, we have to choose a high collected.

-The Collected or semirrecogidos side are very suitable for use with asymmetrical neckline dresses.

If the wedding dress you bought is very elaborate, I advise you to choose a hairstyle that is simple and uncluttered.

But if the dress is simple chooses a hairstyle that really is more developed, so that makes a difference in your look.


Tips for choosing the perfect wedding hairstyle as dress

Combed for your strapless dress. For this type of dress is great tail hairstyle half or semi-collected, that way it will look spectacular hair. You can even choose to wear your hair with a pretty well-defined waves. But if you’re a bride who does not like to wear your hair, do not worry. What you should do is to opt for a low collected.

Hairstyle to dress with one shoulder. These dresses are loa lucky, because you can wear with a beautiful braid, a semi-collected or picked up on one side.Mind you, the hairstyle must always go to the same covered shoulder.

Hairstyle for a halter neckline. For this type of dresses and for those with closed or turtleneck, the best choice is a high bun or collected, which allow the cleavage of the remaining exposed look good.

Combed for V neckline. This type of neckline is appropriate to wear a beautiful bust and therefore it is advisable to opt for a bun or tied high. If you want to be a little more modest and that the eyes of your guests do not focus on the neckline, I advise you to choose a semi-collected or average queue at some hairs falling sideways.

Styling for a striking dress. If the wedding dress you have chosen is more ornate or have more details, such as lace or rhinestones sand is better than a hairstyle that is really simple and touched a supplement or that are not very flashy.

Hairstyle for simple dress. If your dress is simple is better to opt for a hairstyle that is manufactured or a veil or headdress most striking.


How to choose the makeup and hair for my wedding

-The Makeup you choose for your wedding day, you have to help highlight the positive features of his face in a natural and harmonious way, because as bride will be the center of attention of the whole party.

‘It’s not appropriate to choose a very heavy makeup, so the tones have to be properly elected, leaning tones that favor those that reflect your personality and style, but without excess.

-The Makeup has to be a fresh, radiant and light look. In addition, the makeup has to last until after the wedding. Therefore, the makeup of the bride has to be special and professional, using products that are heat resistant and last much longer hours.

-To Avoid stress, dissatisfaction and discomfort, it is recommended that a hair and makeup test is conducted days before the celebration. This way you can choose with his hair and makeup artist the look that best suits their tastes and traits.

-When Choosing between a collected, loose or semi-up style, there are 2 items to consider: your personal style and type of clothing to be used. Both elements go together and are reflected in each other.

If you are a more traditional bride, with some traditional tastes you have chosen a conservative cute dress, then I recommend you opt for an up style.Mind you, this hairstyle has to be a classic style.

If your style is more romantic and all your wedding reflects, better you choose semi-collected hairstyles movement and waves, so it gets an image full of love and grace on that special day.

If you’re a bride who is at the forefront and behind the latest trends, opt for hair collected: modern, with innovative touches and twisted, are options which can reflect your fashion watch fashion.

But, if you’re a bride who loves nature and opt for simple trends, have to carry the loose hair, smoothed moving in waves or just take headdresses of flowers or other items that will help you reveal your personality.

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