To be thin is not necessary to starve being too strict diets, because what can be done simply by combining your clothes properly and using colors that really do look thin .

Luckily, here I leave some tricks and are very important for every body type. So look for its solution:

1. Monochrome. If you want to be thinner, I recommend you use monochromatic colors, ie, the bottom and the top must be the same color or at least similar. For clothing that is the same color creates a strong and uninterrupted vertical line, so it lengthens the body.

2. Straight Dresses. Suitable to wear thin dresses are those straight cut and should always be accompanied by long jackets that are the same color. Eye, long dresses should only reach to the knees.


3. Long Tunics. If you like to use robes, I recommend that they always be under her hips and always have to be accompanied by thin pants and leave aside those tight pants.

4. High Shoes. A good dress or suit should always be used with shoes that are high heels, because they help you look thinner and high.

5. Attention in the face. It is very important to direct the eyes to his face and not to the areas you want to hide or where are the extra pounds.Therefore, a good trick is to use flashy scarves or handkerchiefs, necklaces and earrings that are attractive.


6. Skirt and equal means. This will mean the following, if wearing a black skirt, stockings put it also leads that are the same color. That way you will look slimmer and elegant.

7. No fancy. The striking look or mixtures of bold fabrics too, are not appropriate for women who want to look thinner, but are recommended for girls who have a great body. If you want to be thinner forget to use leather jackets with tight shiny pants.

8. Fashion in your accessories. Fashion often uncomfortable, so it is much better when it comes to clothes means leading a more traditional look, and modern fashion or use it in shoes, handbags and accessories.


9. Not to horizontal stripes. Garments that have horizontal stripes are not appropriate to look thinner because they are designs that actually widen the double figure, so it is best to leave them aside.

10. The danger of pants with tweezers. Pants with tweezers are prohibited for women garments little belted and have wide hips.Rather should wear pants without clamps, which are really straight and so flatten your abdomen.

11. Blouses with ornaments in front. This kind of blouses are not appropriate for women who have a few extra pounds. Also avoid using blouses patterned fabrics and bright colors. Rather choose to use cross garments, because they help hide those extra pounds.

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