Every bride has to look radiant and beautiful on your special day, so it is very important that the makeup is perfect. Believe it or not, choosing the right makeup for the bride is not easy, requires patience. The right makeup has to correctly fit the style and tastes of the bride.

If you do not know how to choose bridal makeup, do not worry. Only I recommend reading this post and note the 5 basic rules about makeup for brides.

In the makeup for brides do not have to abuse the Blush. It is essential that the makeup of the bride look and give you a touch of color to the face of the bride. But Blush excess is dangerous. Always have to use blush, it may be pink or coral, it has to put on the cheek as a diagonal line, that way you get to color their cheeks and refine your face.

fotos-de-dresses-de-novia2When makeup for brides is too natural. It is recommended that the bride wear a light makeup, this does not mean that it is an invisible makeup. It is very welcome too natural makeup, because it can look pale or discolored, it is necessary that his face has some color. If you do not want to look too made up, I advise you to opt for a makeup that is in earth colors, these colors are suitable for the warm season, even favor very well brides are brown and tan skin.

No combine to make up the schedule. The type of makeup has to fit the schedule of the wedding. For example; if your wedding takes place in the morning and not have to choose a sophisticated makeup. The clearest and mild tones are perfect as makeup for brides who marry in the morning. You can even use shades of opaque eyes and to prevent skin redness always use sunscreen.

For those brides who marry at night, they have to emphasize brightness. The bride can choose a makeup with glitter or pigments. Mark your eyes with black and if desired to be more amazing try vanish. If the bride does not like to use shadows, must choose lipstick is creamy or bright colors.


Do not abuse the colors. Never mix too many colors in your bridal makeup. If you like using strong colors of shades like red, green and blue, I recommend that combine pitch tones in harmony and use them well hazy, that way you will prevent the makeup have an exaggerated effect. Retro bridal makeup can be used both day and night and never gets old.

No rule waterproof products. The bride gets excited, cries and why we should not ignore the use of waterproof products, especially mascara. The main products in addition to the mask are the glue for false eyelashes and eyeliner pencil. Finally, you should always opt for a lipstick that is long lasting, that way you will not lose the charm and his face always look fresh for the party.


Other tricks bridal makeup

Then I leave other important makeup tips to keep in mind the wedding day:

If your skin is very sensitive and white and your wedding will be held outdoors during the day, I recommend you use makeup before a moisturizer that has sunscreen to prevent his face redden during the party.

If you want to look perfect mouth I suggest you use a lip liner that is on a crimson or a shade that is not too dark. With such limited lip liner and then covered her mouth with lipstick you have chosen for the event your lips from the center to the corners.

It’s very important that you use mascara and eyeliners that are waterproof, and that way your bridal makeup will remain in perfect condition for a long time.

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