The wedding dress should not only liking and watch that fits the bride, but should also favor him the type of body you have. At present there are different styles of dresses for brides, but not all of these are suitable for all shapes and sizes. Then, to choose the wedding dress indicated according to the type of body you should follow these recommendations:

Analyzes the characteristics of your body
Way. There are five main body shapes.

* Pear shaped. These bodies are distinguished by being wider than hips to shoulders.

* Rectangular shape. It has a streamlined, or figure, shoulders and hips are the same width with little definition at the waist.

* Triangular shape. This form of body has the slightly wider than hip shoulders.

* Hourglass shape. This body type is highly desired by all women because it has the shoulders and hips the same width and a well defined waist.

* Apple shape. Girls with this body shape is more plump trunk and limbs are thinner.

Size., It may be high, short, slender, king size or else you may find yourself in the middle of two classifications.

Features. List the areas of your body that you like and also create your dress should highlight those, as they want to hide or disguise. As can be cover your arms and show of your back.

Choose a wedding dress which favors the characteristics of your body
Tips to highlight your attributes:

Pear shaped. Women with this body type should use online skirts A leading away from the waist, plunging necklines, blouses cloth draped diagonally and strapless tops.

Rectangular shape. For this form is important to focus on the clothes will fit just above the waist and slightly loose on her shoulders. The most ideal choices for the rectangular shape are the broad necklines, tight corsets and skirts.

For the triangular shape are perfect simple dresses cut on the bias

Hourglass shape. Women who have this body shape looks good on almost everything we get, but better suits them the wide necklines to emphasize the small waist. It is also a good choice mermaid cut dresses.

Apple shape. For brides with apple shaped body is ideal wear a dress that is belted at the waist and go outside in line A. Also, you should use a bra that contains ornaments as a V neckline and well pronounced creating a vertical line with which distract from the waist area which is wider.

wedding dresses

Small. For small bodies do fine forms and trumpet, as these dresses are simple and line cuts A. waist ensures that suit you from above the waist to visually elongate your figure vertically.

Alta. To accentuate some form of this body, ye simple, clean cuts recommended, such as a cut on the bias or an online A. careful on the sleeves and skirt are moderately long in such a manner that helps to highlight the proportions of your body.

Extra size. Choose dresses online A or empire waist.

If you are thin you should wear dresses that are curves where you want. Choose pleated bodices, skirts and cinched waists.

Large chest. If you want to hide your big bust, choose a dress with curved neckline, which will frame your face, neck and shoulders, so your breasts should become a secondary feature.

Small chest. Take care of the bodice has lysate, and thus the upper part of your body would you added more weight. To visually increase the small bust is ideal wear halter dresses.

Narrow hips. To balance your figure you should wear skirts and ornaments.

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