Every girl dreams of her wedding day, at least once, during her childhood. It is not only the wedding purpose, which constitutes the magnum opus of a woman’s life, but all the tidbits that come with it. Of course, most women want a fairytale kind of wedding with a larger-than-life atmosphere, where she can feel like the princess that she is. But what about the chosen few who would much rather prefer a quiet and intimate ceremony? For them, a beach wedding is ideal.

Why a beach wedding?

If you are an outdoorsy person who loves the feel of the earth beneath your feet and the wind flowing through your locks, a beach wedding is best suited for you. Weddings are no joke. They require months of careful planning and execution and then there is the stress factor. If you want to avoid all the hassle and unnecessary tension, opt for a beach wedding, which usually tend to be simple and quiet, but no less magical.Who won’t agree that Nathan and Haley had the most perfect wedding at a beach in “One Tree Hill’? If truth be told, given the latest trend for private and classy wedding ceremonies, the beach wedding party, with no doubt, is the best alternative to exchange your lifelong love vows with your loved one.
Now that you have the perfect ring on your finger, it is time that you find the perfect dress for you.

Getting started

Everyone knows that dress shopping can get overwhelming, with the various “expert opinion”, the price, the fitting etc. So, here are a few basics that you must keep in mind.

  •      Start early: It is advised that you start looking for dresses months before your wedding, since you will need about a month to spare for fittings. Why, you ask? Unless you are ready to buy a ready-to-wear dress or a sample gown, your wedding dress must be custom-made, akin to most dresses. Moreover, once your dress disembarks, it is going to have to be revised, usually several times, until it fits you like a glove.
  •      Where to go?: It is prudent for you to look at dresses in a bridal salon since they specialize in wedding couture. In addition, they offer a wide variety of designs, sizes, materials and prices to choose from. Most bridal salons can be found in strip malls, upscale urban shopping districts, suburban downtown areas and full-scale malls. You can even look at dresses online. If you have a strict budget and cannot afford a bridal salon, check out a bridal outlet.
  •      Know what you want: Often times, brides get confused about what type of dress they should wear and end up buying the wrong one. It is highly advised that you figure out your body shape and the kinds of dresses that flatter your figure. If you know what you want, then chances are that you waste less time searching.
  •      Stick to the theme: The bride is the center of attention, yes, but you would not want to stick out like a sore thumb, would you? If you are having a Bohemian beach wedding, do not choose a long-trailed designer gown. If you are going for the traditional theme, do not opt for a tea length dress.
  •      Keep an open mind: When going dress shopping, you must try on a variety of things. Yes, it requires patience, but hey, it is your wedding. You never know which dress might just turn out to be perfect. Try on various types of styles, halter, one shoulder, off shoulder etc. You never know which one might be “the one”.

Choosing the Right Dress

  •      The fabric– Since it is summer and the wedding is located on a beach, go for lightweight materials. Fabrics like chiffon, crepe, cotton organdy, georgette and cotton eyelet are perfect since they are comfortable and breezy. Avoid materials like velvet.
  •      Combination– It is not necessary that your gown must be crafted out of one particular material. Use of more than one kind of fabric gives your dress a rich and varied texture with a sophisticated feel.
  •      The length– If you are going for a full length skirt, choose one that is casual, simple but elegant, since there are chances that the wind may blow the skirt.
  •      The fit– Your dress must fit you like a glove, or else it be ill-fitting and look weird. When you buy your wedding dress, set up alteration dates. If you have to alter it more than once, go for it. Always try it on after every alteration to make sure, if it is what you asked for.

The Best Dress to Flatter your Figure

You cannot just go ahead and buy any dress that you like! You have to see for yourself if it fits you, and most importantly, if it flatters you. Here is a quick way to do so.


  • The hourglass– You are one lucky woman, for you can wear any style and carry it off! To flatter those curves, it is advised that you opt for a mermaid style dress. If you are daring enough, try a bikini wedding dress! You can opt for fitting skirts and a deep v-neckline.
  • Pear shaped– Try a flowing a-line beach wedding dress, with a bellowing and fuller skirt that hides the hips. Also, give Empire waists a try, since they draw attention towards the upper half of the body instead of the lower half. Choose a halter neck with intricate details on the body. Avoid pleats or dresses that are bunched at the waist.
  • Short or petite– If you have a tiny frame, you should opt for gowns that are long and flowing, in order to create the illusion of added height. The main goal here is to create a fish-tail illusion so as to not overwhelm your small frame. You can also choose an Empire waistline, as it seems to elevate your bust and add inches between your bust and feet. Try a sheath style dress to look elegant. Avoid any sort of ruffles, dresses big billowy skirts and dropping waistline.
  • Full figured– Go for a dress with an Empire waistline or an A-line or a combination of both. The former takes away the attention from the broader hips, while the latter sits lightly on the curves of the lower region in order to highlight them without being too obvious.
  • Straight figure– If you have a lean figure and cannot boast of curves, opt for a dress with ruffles, to create the illusion of curves. You can also try a sequined dress to draw attention for the leanness of our figure. Try a fuller or a trumpet skirt to add curves to your bottom half, and a cowl neckline to give the illusion of a fuller bust. Avoid Empire waistlines, mermaid style dresses or slip dresses, as they do not do anything for your figure.
  • V-Shaped– Try any dress with a clinched waits, preferable with a band of a darker shade. You can also opt for ruffles, since they create an illusion of a fuller bottom half, thereby restoring balance. Any dress with an A-line or an Empire waist looks good on a V-shaped figure. Avoid puffed sleeves as they make your arms look bigger, a tight skirt and a cowl neckline.

Finding the Bling
Now that you have found the dress, it is time for the jewelry. Wedding jewelry is just as important as the dress. The wrong kind can throw your complete look way off, just as much as the right ones can make you look like a princess.

  • Keeping in theme, if you are wearing a floating, fluffy and extravagant gown, try Grecian style studded headbands. You can also add a pop of color to your white dress with a rhinestone headband.
  • If you are wearing halter necks, avoid necklaces altogether. You would not want to add too much. Instead, opt for a coral headband or a chunky ring.
  • Necklaces are a must for strapless gowns. If you want to keep it elegant and simple, try a drop diamond necklaces or a long pearl necklace. Remember, do not over accessorize.
  • Avoid heavy earrings as they make you look over dressed. Try simple elegant ones.

Dressing the Bridesmaids
With all being said and done, when it comes to picking out bridesmaid outfits, there is no improved way to catch attention away from your perfect wedding dress than by having a poorly coordinated bridal party. Make use of the six tips provided below to make sure your bridal party looks perfectly complementary to all of your wedding-day details.

  • A unifying element- Choose at least one element of your bridesmaid dress that matches with your bridal gown, be it the color, the neckline, the length, or even a common accessory.
  • The length-  You can opt for varying dress styles for each one of your bridesmaids for an interesting look, but you must keep the lengths of all the dresses same. The most popular is the tea-length dress.
  • The fabric- It is going to look bizarre if you are wearing a soft, and billowy white gown, while all of your bridesmaids wear structured taffeta shifts or ruffled skirts. You should choose a fabric for the bridesmaid dresses that not only complements your own, but also matches your own.
  • Altering- Nothing is more distracting than an ill-fitting dress on a bridesmaid. It is important that each and every bridesmaid get their dresses appropriately altered according to their body size and shapes, so that they do not hang lamely on their frames.
  • Take their opinions- If they are not happy with your decision or the other way around, try finding a middle ground of resolution. At the end of the day, having an unhappy bridesmaid helps no one.

Your journey does not end with buying your perfect beach wedding dress. It is important that you know how to put it on and maneuver around, since you have to walk down the aisle and probably dance around a lot.

  • The main goal is to keep your dress as clean as possible. Would not want to walk down the aisle in a stained dress, would you? Keep a clean white sheet and a scarf nearby, in case you spill something on your dress. Cover the front of your dress with the sheet before eating or drinking anything.
  • Before stepping into your dress, ask someone to place a sheet on the ground and your shoes on top of the sheet. Then only step into your gown. This is to make sure that the bottom of your dress, and the long train does not get stained or dirty.
  • If your gown has buttons or a zipper, ask at least two people to hold it out for you and then step into it. If your gown needs to be slipped over your head, make sure to cover your face lightly with a silk scarf, so as not to get makeup stains on your dress.
  • After it is done, ask someone to help you with the buttons and the zipper. Step into your shoes and ask someone to tie them for you. You would not want to bend down to tie your shoes, and risk getting fold lines on the sarong, would you?
  • Examine the gown to make sure every fastening has been secured, every inch of it is lying smoothly, and that there are no last minute smudges or spots. If you have to sit down, sit on a tool and not a chair, with your gown fluffed around you.
  • Before adding the final touches to your hair and makeup, drape a towel across the front of your dress and along the shoulders.

Now that you have the complete beach wedding tips, dos and don’ts at your disposal, it is time that you go hunt for the ideal dress, the ideal jewelry and the ideal shoes. Remember, it is your wedding and you have free reign to do whatever you please.

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