broad If you close down and up, is because you have the typical Spanish body.No need to worry or feel uncomfortable with the body you have, you only need to highlight the best of your figure and have a positive mind.

I, I will recommend that if you have the typical Spanish body keep in mind the following tips so you can choose the wedding dress right and look radiant on their wedding day.

Description : A woman who has small bust, narrow shoulders and wide hips, it is because the body is pear.

Weakness : The rib area is designational relative to the hips, plus the back and legs are bigger.

Use : Brides with pear body should choose to wear dresses that are at the top embellishments, lace and draping. These dresses are great to highlight the torso and neck, also help to divert attention from the hip area.Also perfect empire cut dresses or princess, because they are designed to help emphasize the bust and hides hips.

Tip : Women with pear body should not use flared skirts, boleros and also the much less clothes that end up before starting your hips.

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Other points to consider

1. Stature. has to know if is short or tall.

Brides with short stature . Absolutely all brides stature have to forget the ornate dresses. If you like to wear in the wedding day of her tail, then I recommend you opt for a queue to be short.

Brides tall . High girlfriends are very lucky, because they can use any type of wedding dresses . Otherwise you’re tall, chubby, then opt for a beautiful wedding dress to be simple.

wedding dresses fashion bridal gowns dresses photos

Two. Torso. To find the perfect dress should also know if your torso is short or long.

Brides short torso . To lengthen your waist is highly recommended that you use a flattering dress, but the skirt begins below your waist and peak shape.

Brides long torso . All brides who own long torso should use those wedding dresses that are tight and high waist.

wedding dresses fashion bridal gowns dresses photos

Three. Backstroke. ‘s also important to take into account the shape or size of your back.

Girlfriends have a big back . The best you can do is cover it and do not over volume. For that, you must put aside those ornaments and dresses with draped back.

Girlfriends have a narrow back. should pay close attention to the top of your wedding dress. The corsets and dresses with puffy sleeves are ideal for brides with narrow back.

wedding dresses fashion bridal gowns dresses photos

Tips for plus size bridal

Princess cut : princess cut dresses are suitable to achieve hides tummy rolls and styling a little body. Princess cut dresses are glued to the waist and opens from the waist down for the fall is elegant and romantic.

Avoid too much volume: Always try to project an outstanding and radiant image among your guests, but do not use too much volume in the dress. Rather use a simple dress and while it elegant.

Do not show too : Whether or not large busts should always wear a dress with neckline and forget means dresses with plunging neckline. The average cleavage leaves a space between the chest and neck so you can wear a cute necklace.

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