Preparations for a wedding can be a high level of stress, there are many aspects to the program and many details that need looking after. I have some tips that I hope work.


Despite the stress of the wedding can be stressful, there are other reasons that can cause this feeling of tiredness and exhaustion is enhanced so that it is too much effort to prepare everything.

Did you know that low iron can cause the feeling of tiredness and fatigue increase for no apparent reason? What usually happens in these cases, we associate those feelings of exhaustion with planning a wedding but can found behind other source.

The reality is that women are more prone to anemia because, with menstruation, lose iron each month; also during pregnancy and lactation increased level of iron is needed as we will be feeding for two.

With this, what I mean is you have to be careful with food, and we can be out for other reasons that may go unnoticed. Other signs of iron deficiency is the pale skin , brittle nails, dry hair and dull, concentration problems, low cognitive performance, etc..


One way to address this is through the power consumption with high iron rich vegetables once or twice a week to prepare meat or also can take an extra iron through food supplements rich in this mineral. For example, you can find Floradix both syrup and tablets and has no preservatives or colorings.

On the other hand, if you feel overwhelmed and exhausted by all that you have to plan a wedding, do not miss the chance to help your friends and family, or you can even find companies that organize economic wedding.

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