For a wedding dress look really amazing, it is advisable to have an appropriate neckline. The neckline of the wedding dress has to go according to the body or figure of the bride.

Today there are many types of necklines and always choose the one that suits you especially have to help make the beauty of your figure Then I leave some tips on how to choose the neckline of the dress:

Choose dresses with bateau neckline

The boat neckline is recommended for those brides who have a large bust.The advantage of this cleavage is that it has an elegant and understated style.Moreover, it is a neckline that has a cut, which forms a straight line from shoulder to shoulder, neck bristle, and the front is equal to the parts back.

Opt for dresses with round neckline
Dresses with scoop neckline and favors them most brides. This type of neckline is timeless, simple, youthful and very easy to match with different dresses cuts. Dresses with round neckline can use it with or without sleeves.

Use dresses with strapless neckline

This type of neckline is elegant and very favorable for brides who have a short neck and a big bust. The strapless neckline looks great on any body type and yet timeless, but favors brides who have a medium or large bust. Dresses with strapless neckline are widely used by most brides. This type of neckline is simple, unobtrusive and adapts very well to different dresses.


Purchase dressed in French or square neckline

French or dresses with square neckline are recommended for those brides gorditas with small waist and wide hips. It is a type of neckline that is set to bust, if small it highlighted. French or square neckline combines well with empire waist dresses.


Dresses with halter neckline Search

This type of neckline is responsible for defining elegantly voluptuous figures.I advise you to use a triangle bikini, the garment is held on top of your neck, back, arms and shoulders are exposed. Believe it or not, this neck has a very sexy touch and helps disguise the big bust. Brides who use this cleavage, have to wear your hair up and always a good skin care.


Dresses with asymmetrical neckline acquires

If you have broad shoulders do not worry, you have to do is use a wedding dress with asymmetrical neckline. This type of neckline is modern and sexy, also it has a cut that leaves only the one-shoulder dresses. Wedding dresses with asymmetrical neckline are perfect for any type of contextures.


Use neckline dresses with dropped shoulders

Neckline dresses with dropped shoulders are recommended for those brides who have a short leather, a small bust and wide hips. Eye, this type of neckline has a cut that prevents arms move comfortably. It is a neckline that falls on your shoulders, exposing part of your back and your body. Anyway, it is an elegant neckline.


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