Can you have a wedding reception a couple weeks after the ceremony?hi! my fiancee and i are planning to get married in November 2013 and are starting to budget. we are looking at marrying in Disneyland with family and very close friends and spending about 3000$ on the ceremony and about 2500$ for our honeymoon. is it alright if we wait a month or two after our wedding to have a reception? nothing to big just a small reception with friends from home, we live in new jersey so they can’t really come down to Florida for the ceremony but if we have a small one with like food, dancing, toasts and all that would it be okay?

A couple of things. Sure, you can throw a party if you want, but brides get one wedding reception. And, in your case, whatever you do at Disneyland after the ceremony is your wedding reception. So the party can be like any other party (food, dancing) but not with any wedding components, which probably includes toasts. It definitely includes wedding cake, first dance, etc. Call it an open house, celebration, something along those lines.

The other thing you need to think through is that if this is a consolation prize for people unable to attend your wedding, in most cases this doesn’t work. I have no idea if that’s an issue for you or not, but with any destination wedding, it’s the risk you take. For those closest to you, the ceremony is what really matters and if they can’t see that, an after party doesn’t take its place.

None of this should change your plans if that’s what you want to do, but these are the issues that crop up when you do it this way. Unless you keep this party really small, people will wonder why you didn’t just spend that money on a local wedding and then honeymoon in Disney.

PS – I ran into some of this myself with my destination wedding in Lake Tahoe. But I didn’t want anything else once we got back.

People on here will tell you it’s not okay if you call it a “reception,” as a reception does happen right after a wedding ceremony. In my world though, this is perfectly acceptable. I don’t know if it’s different areas of the country or whatever, but where I’m from people do this all the time, and we don’t call them “tacky” or “rude.” We celebrate with them because we’re good people and we love each other. I believe it’s a nice way to celebrate with the people that couldn’t be at the ceremony itself. It’s also nice that you aren’t inviting everyone to a different state to celebrate, and you aren’t expecting people to throw down a ton of money to travel to your wedding. You might just want to inform people you are having a celebration of your marriage. Your friends and family will be happy I’m sure to have a chance to congratulate you and spend some time with you.

I am in complete agreement with Stacy – It is completely fine to have a celebration any time after the wedding ceremony. There are no rules. Couples do it all the time, and I believe as people move farther and farther apart, and as the world becomes more global every day, this type of celebration will become more prevalent. Times change, customs change, things change. To change accordingly is not wrong or immoral. No one I know would consider it “rude” or “tacky” either and no one I know would ever say “you only get one wedding/reception…” to any couple who were simply trying their best to celebrate with their loved ones.

No. A wedding is a one day event, it includes a ceremony and a reception. If you think of the purpose of a reception, it makes no sense to separate it from the ceremony. The reception’s purpose being to thank your guests for coming to see you be married. You can’t very well send them home and ask them back another day, that’s nonsensical and rude. You also can’t invite people to celebrate your wedding who weren’t invited to the actual wedding.

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