Can you be a wedding planner at 17?And you have graduated high school? My cousin wants to go into this business but I can’t really find the answer on the internet anywhere and neither can she.

not really, if you want to own your own business that gets into a whole mess of other things but no one is going to hire a 17 year old with no experience. My advice is to try and find a wedding planner that you can intern under and start building connections, references, and experiences. Also if you wanted to add to your credentials there is a program that you can do under the US Career Institute. Its an at home thing and they send you the materials and whatnot, you learn and abundance of information and take tests on it, at the end you get a certificate saying you are a wedding planner. I would suggest that, there is a lot more to wedding planning than you could ever imagine – take it from a girl who is planning her own 😉

Wedding planning isn’t really something you can just start doing. She is going to need lots and lots of experience before she can start taking on her own clients. Many wedding planners have worked in the special events and catering industries and know how things work.

There are lots of professional wedding planner organizations she could contact for more info.

First of all you need money to go into business, and you need to attend schooling for that, because people want experienced planners not teenagers fresh out of high school.

Generally, you need money and connections to be a successful wedding planner.

She would proberbly need to at least lan her own wedding first.

Planning weddings is not like it looks in bride wars.

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