“Butterflies fly” offers you the chance to blow all your wishes on your wedding day. This is an innovative company that offers a magical moment for your celebration: a release of butterflies.

In Eastern culture, it is believed that butterflies are messengers of desires and as silent beings, guard our secrets. There is a legend that says that butterflies in flight rising to the sky to bring our wishes to the gods and that these are met. “If you release a butterfly and make a wish, it will come to heaven and your wish will come true …”

Butterflies Fly! you proposes a release of butterflies during your celebration . Let your wishes fly very high!

This company raises its butterflies especially for each event. The orange tones Monarch Butterfly (the “Queens of the wild world”) stained the sky to regale a unique and unforgettable moment.

There are three types of single butterfly:

Loose mass: It consists of releasing a large number of butterflies that will be in a box. The minimum recommended to create a nice effect is 20 butterflies. The more butterflies are released, the better it will be.
Single Release: Consists release butterflies at a time . Butterflies will transported in boxes decorated according to the decoration of each event. Each box contains a butterfly.
Loose Mixed: It consists of making the two types of loose at once. For example, a box of mass loose with 50 butterflies and 25 individual loose boxes.

Your guests will be surprised with this nice detail and receive as a gift a chrysalis Monarch Butterfly: a real natural jewel. They can live in person the birth of a butterfly, a magical moment.

“Butterflies will fly to” help you get a full of romance and excitement during your wedding moment. Like when they put their butterflies on an altar and the ceremony was held as butterflies flitted around the couple.


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