The wedding dresses that have been submitted Hannibal Laguna fabulous. In today’s article we present some of his designs for the upcoming season and details that will prove interesting.

HannibalLaguna-dress 2014

As I’ve said before,  Barcelona Bridal Week is one of the most important internationally in the world of trends in everything related to weddings fairs. In today’s article we will stick to the designs submitted Hannibal Laguna so you can find the dress of your dreams.

The first dress that we present is one of those that have attracted my attention for that sense of movement, the sinuosity and although it is not a tight dress and lets us see the female curves, is a completely sensual and different dress .

HannibalLaguna bride-dress-2014

This time we find a long dress to the feet, chest fitted to the waist and then falling flimsy fabric so that the feeling of mystery. Like this dress have seen others in the collection only playing with certain details like the neckline, the color of the fabric, lace, etc..


 As you can see along the different images, Hannibal Laguna has opted for a clear trend towards tight dresses version “bustier” that enhance the figure and emphasize the waist, in contrast tolarge volumes skirts .

HannibalLaguna bride dress

One of the great signs of this designer are the elaborate details that contain the dress. In addition to this differentiation at the waist and skirts, we can see how there are different necklines (boat, bucket necklines, peaking, lace and simple transparencies …) as the use of narrow belts or ties to emphasize the waist brides and cause more that feeling of ethereal.

HannibalLaguna_vestido girlfriend


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