I am a little “Bobo” bourgeois-bohemian fascinated by vintage in particular. So when a friend introduced me to the accessories she had bought for her wedding, I had a real thunderbolt, because it perfectly matched my vision of the “must-have” in details. So I am sharing my discovery, incidental delicate and refined wedding:Orchid silk. The originality of the brand “Silk Orchid” is to provide brides make A to Z or partially or completely customize their accessories. Every bride can express its ownpersonality by appropriating accessory “Orchid Silk”.

Orchidée de soie

Orchid & Silk, The brand name is a combination of two things I really like, like its creator, love large flowers. The Orchid caught his eye due to its refinement and air of mystery that attracts attention. Silk is the precious and soft material essential in the field of fashion.

Creative accessories for the contemporary bride for 8 years, Sandrine Koehnlein comes from a family of artists and has developed his keen sensitivity to a large recognized in the field of fashion teacher, to acquire techniques yesteryear to propose and implement its collection of fabric flowers, still crafted from silk fabrics …

Sandrine  took the time to ripen the project and finally launched his brand “Silk Orchid” incorporating elegance, sophistication and fashion accessories to its collection”Creation is a breath of life.”

Installed in his studio in Alsace, she revisits through its brand “Silk Orchid” and its collections contemporary bohemian spirit. Its online store showcasing its collections in a minimalist framework, leaving a poetic and modern interpretation to brides.

Line of accessories “Orchid Silk” is the image of his young designer: a sleek, chic and refined. His couture accessories are made ​​in France, destined to be created from the finest noble and precious materials. Each accessory is handmade bridal requiring specific expertise for design and delicate stitching finish.

This meticulous work accompanies brides for this special day. Orchid Silk is for young contemporary married Addictes a modern bohemian look, who want to wear a trendy accessory.

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