World designers have long not present their models only in white.The color of this year remains debated blacks last year unveiled its models to an American designer Vera Wang.If you black in color evokes a funeral than a wedding celebration, you can choose a dress with only decent black accents such as embroidery, lace or ribbon detail at the waist. The designers of this year’s and the upcoming season of work is more pleasant colors. At the world’s catwalks were presented wedding dresses in powdery shades in lilac and red is still popular. Rich red models represent the indomitable passion and fiery love and appear in the collections of such designers as Oscar de la Renta or Romona Kevezy. Extravagant designer Carolina Herrera dress picked out in my application called Polka dots, which are in today’s fashion world’s most popular spots. Great Return celebrate and white, and in combination with gold.

These of you who have always wanted in your wedding day look like a princess this year will come into their own. Renowned bridal houses and for this wedding season 2012/2013 inspired by the royal wedding last year. Duchess of Wales to Catherine on her wedding day, dressed in magnificent robes and simple with a rich lace frills designed Sarah Burton.

Spanish bridal house La Sposa, whose clothes are available in many rentals in the Czech Republic at reasonable prices, comes with a Victorian style wedding dresses. Wedding creations of this workshop are characterized corsets, frilly skirts and rich lace. Wedding models of the wearer very subtle reveal, but with frilly lace cover up what should remain shrouded in the eye of onlookers and wedding guests undetected.
Flies lace and chiffon
Along with lace that surrounds a large neck or arm encircling the bride, is a big trend for the coming season two layers of skirt. Unfortunately, this style of dress requires flawless figure and great taste violate experienced wedding convention.
This season also changes the view on the use of materials and substances. That, of what used to be flashy sewing petticoats, is now used for spatial dimensionality dress. Lank and dull space clothes are gone. This season calls for a significant a multi-level wedding gowns. Even if the style and cut of the dress allows the gird.Use contrasting ribbon or stress belt.
Big comeback this year also celebrates wedding dress in 70’s style 20th century, which certainly will please lovers volcanoes skirt of chiffon. If you like to provoke, wear the skirt wider apart and make it relevant cap.
The emphasis is on accessories
Be sure to head for decoration. Very popular are rich Spanish lace trimmed veil, tiaras, crowns and the French veil over her face when you have a short net. Along with the type of wedding dresses match the as well as accessories and shoes. For the upcoming season you can grab colored shoes. The most popular colors are yellow, green and purple.
Great emphasis is nowadays placed on color accessories and wedding decorations. Very popular is purple, pink and sunflower yellow.
For the romantic, ethereal to weddings should not be missing shade of light blue and gray. Tunes is really everything. Wedding bouquet with groom’s tie, decoration in the ceremonial hall, a banquet and hampers.

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