To bring an original touch, different and romantic, brides and grooms often choose to make a release of sky lanterns and Chinese lanterns after dark.

This is obviously magical. And this leaves an unforgettable memory to friends, family.

In short, it is animation in vogue but can still surprise and always young and old.

Flying Lanterns are traditionally released in northern Thailand during the full moon festival (yee peng festival). Generally, when releasing a lantern, Thais make a wish, plus the lantern flies high and far over the vow will likely to be fulfilled. For Thais, the flying lanterns are a form of knowledge and light that a student is able to guide them on the path of life.

But do you know the floating lanterns? Another nice symbol for weddings and original feet in the water, a lake, a river, a source …

The origin of the floating lanterns dates back to 1200. At that time Hindus organized a grand ceremony to celebrate their gods. To honor their goddess Ganga, “Mother of Waters”, they were on a release floating lanterns in the holy river Ganges.

The Thais have made ​​this ceremony a national holiday. This tradition dates back to the thirteenth century. Every year organizes a festival of lights on the water called Loy Krathong night of the full moon of November. Thais have flowers and candles in small boats leaves lotus-shaped banana they send on the river: the goal is to make a wish. More Fleet lantern farther, the vow is likely to occur.

Since then, floating lanterns are another symbol, that of celebrating our married …

They fly or float … they are symbolic to make a wish for our married.


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