A wedding without flowers … It seems unimaginable as these strands of colorful and fragrant kind have become indispensable to the bride and decoration of that fateful day! Bouquets and floral patterns that grow their own, beyond the importance of the seasons, constantly renewing itself in terms of colors, shapes and sizes. We therefore reserve in 2015 at the time of his choosing bridal bouquet? It reveals the 7 large floral trends of the coming season!

Photo credit: I Heart You

Photo credit: Pelayo Lacazette

1 bouquet in harmony with the ceremony

One of the main trends for the coming season is to break with the idea of ​​a bridal bouquet to the unique composition but would instead be in total harmony with the rest of the flowers and colors selected for your wedding: the composition different decorative floral elements of the church, those in the reception room through the buttonhole of Mr. and therefore, the bouquet should be echoed to maintain continuity. A harmonious marriage of flowers and attention to every detail!

Photo: Half Orange Photography

Photo credit: Pelayo Lacazette

Photo credit: Half Orange Photography

2 Mini bouquet

The time of the bridal bouquet cascading Gone! Fashion is now a mini bouquet, adorable and charming, and whose small size offer the bride grip much more convenient and enjoyable time to advance to the altar! More fears and the bouquet will steal the show, its role is now down to bring a touch of color to your outfit in any discretion and sobriety!

3 The green bouquet

Made from wild flowers and season, the green floral bouquet and respects the cycle of nature.Flowers from your garden or purchased from specialized organic florists, it’s up to you!

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4. as a flower bouquet

Like the mini bouquet, simplicity is also needed with this trend of choosing a single flower as a bouquet. However, this type of bouquet will attract more attention, being chosen in general large and majestic flower, and after an original and rare species for a wedding: the classic in this field is the sunflower but feel free to find THE flower that will meet all these criteria and reflect your personality!

5. bouquet with a message

Traditional symbol of marriage, the bouquet can also say a lot about married. The language of flowers makes it possible to get messages while poetry and subtlety: they can mean honesty, loyalty, commitment. A beautiful and romantic way to communicate and to promise a happy future lovers. The choice of flowers can also be echoing the romance of married or family history, for example, hiding a small object or inherited symbolic heart of the bouquet.

6 The vegetable bouquet

In 2015, plant leaves and spend the second in the foreground in the heart of the bridal bouquet.Freshness and greenery bring a touch of bright color to the wedding dress. The vegetable bouquet is also its place on the occasion of outdoor weddings or seaside!

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Photo credit: Pelayo Lacazette

7 Mix and match the gradient bouquet

The color appears to be the heart of the trend, whether you prefer one color or mix in degraded tones, the same color palette. You’re spoiled for choice and can also combine your color preference with one of the above trends bridal bouquet: you will always find the composition that suits you!

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