All we know, the hair goes a long way in the overall appearance. Therefore no question of neglecting her hair! With care, we dare and have fun. Impeccable with braids through the capped-tousled style blow dry, everything is possible. Depending on the look and mood,it leaves free rein to his desires. You’ll understand that it’s for her wedding day or just in life working girl, you put the package on the hair! With these six trends haircut, winter 2015will uncap! Adopt emergency.

The braids will invite all the heads.

1 Tresses. The braid is everywhere, it is THE hairstyle of the season. We love fuzzy, romantic, spiky, African or any other, she invited all the heads. For proper braiding, moistened her hair, a line is drawn in the middle and braid each side. For blurred braid and made ​​a very low asymmetric line, it brings her hair on the side of the line and mat so blurry. It does not attach the end but a few drops of serum were applied on the tips.

Glam and chic: the tail of smooth riding.

2 Tail perfect horse. Glam and chic, it gives an air of femme fatale plays “from 4 pins” style.This winter, ponytails and chignons will be stylish and graphics. Once the roots plated with a smoothing cream or oil, it gathers her hair to make a ponytail. It can be high or hung in the hollow of the neck, but one thing is for sure we love ultra lacquered. It must stand by themselves.

Fringe: The Return.

3 Bangs. She is back in a version 60’s glam and more studied style. The hair is working smooth or slightly wavy fashion. We play with the fringes or the lines shifted to asymmetric shape wicks. To create volume on top of the crane’s hull, used and abused the crimping.Headband, headbands and other accessories are super welcome!

The bun will always be many followers in 2015

4 Bun. Trendy in 2014, but in 2015 it still grows. High and round, he twisted spiral or moves to the side unstructured fashion, a bit ruffled.

We play with the natural undulations.

5 Light ripples. 2015 target: the rendering is natural, as if the wind had blown. We play with light and slightly pronounced movements. If need some foam is applied to give volume and with the curling iron locks is performed by taking care not to overstate. Then rework the lengths for a zigzag effect, natural and certainly not too perfect. Nothing like applying balm on the ends to make them shine.

For a chic and nonchalant style.

6.-Wearing disheveled. A nonchalant chic style we love. One good curve roots, it is parted in the middle and with the help of a  powder lengths were crushed. We opted for a low ponytail, hair tucked behind the ear or not. Worked a hairstyle that is illusion.

Trends that are inspired in terms of its look, its feel and length of hair. One thing is for sure, this winter the hair is in the spotlight and have fun with!

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