Surprises on D-Day, the bride also wants! - Photo: Federico Pedroletti
Surprises on D-Day, the bride also wants!

Head in the wedding preparations for several months, nothing escapes our vigilance. The color of the chair covers to decorate the buffet children through the place of the religious ceremony, everything is under control, or almost. Of course we want everything to be perfect and that there are no false notes or unexpected which get in that day. This is all the mixes I want to book me a few surprises on the day of my wedding! These five things I will not mind and I will discover the D-Day

◊ Holding my man. As I let him surprise me to discover when I entered the church on the arm of my father ultra moved to see his little girl get married – I absolutely want my fiance surprised me also reserves its suit wedding.

◊ The wedding speech . Our parents and witnesses will surely-at least we hope – expected a little something to say or show during the wedding dinner. Not want their sub-extract information about their project: the surprises, there is nothing like it! And my friends, I know, I know they will do things in the state of the art and will not be there to tell ridiculous stories and Salassi.

◊ The outfits of my witnesses. Again, I do not require them to color code or anything, I just want them to be at ease and feel free to wear what they want. Discover their dresses D-Day and know that they have taken the time to get THE small accessory that goes well, a pair of sandals in matching hairband … go straight to my heart that’s obvious.

◊ The place of my wedding night . Yes, I commissioned Jules to take care of it. I know, I am a true romantic! Do not know where we rant once the evening of our marriage ended, I am delighted.

◊ The wedding car. Again, this is a surprise that I paid! Jules is as adept carts that nice car collection, is positioned on this aspect of the preparations and I look at him so that our output is noticed!

Difficult to be surprised more, especially since this is MY wedding (and that of Jules course) and I did not want to impose anything on me or by my surroundings.

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