The cravings Georgette offers you his good advice to enhance the natural beauty of the bride for this special day. Georgette is a blogger full of pep, and you can find articles and beauty tips here .

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D-Day is almost here and you’ve decided to take care of yourself your makeup. The aesthetics is essential, it will highlight your eyes and make you look more beautiful as you are not already, it is therefore not skimp on preparation for this step.
Recently I had the chance to make up a friend on her wedding day, and believe me, even if it was not my wedding I was at least as much for what she stressed was the setting beauty!

The cravings Georgette

Here are my 5 tips to make this step happens for the best.

  • 1. tests

It is very important to test several weeks in advance, not only to find makeup that suits us best, but mainly to verify that you are not missing anything and that you are not allergic to a new product you could have bought for the occasion.

Made several attempts with different colors, then have someone shooting both indoors and in daylight, near and far, to give you an idea of what it will on wedding photos.
Finally, do not you remove makeup on, wait several hours to check the resistance of your makeup.

  • Note 2 steps

Believe me, the big day, you will have so much to think that it is likely that you literally emmêliez brushes in steps of makeup. Take a notepad and write down the steps gradually as you experiment.

1 Apply Foundation Makeup
2 Apply the concealer

If you have such a lot of eyeshadow in stock, note which you have used during your conclusive test. On the day, make sure you follow these steps to not forget anything!

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  • 3 Prepare your tools

The day before or the day before, prepare your makeup. Select everything you’ll need, you can help your reminder (step 2) to be sure not to forget anything!
You can use a kit, vanity case or tray for example … Arrange everything you will need, where possible in order to help you use all day J. For example, in a kit, the necessary for the skin, in another, eyes etc.

  • 4 Finding the right place

On the day, your phone will not stop ringing, your home will surely be as quiet as a playground, and of course, you squeeze very stressed. It is essential to find a quiet place away from the bustle of preparation, and of course ultra bright. Disconnect your phone, or take it to your witness. You should focus on your makeup. Take the opportunity to relax 5 minutes, breathing exercises, just to release the pressure. Feel free to put some relaxing music to make a little more cozy room.

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  • 5. aid kit

The day will be long, the weather can not be be as you planned and you are going to drink, talk … well, your makeup may move.
Assign a small first aid kit in your control, including your lipstick or lipgloss, a pocket mirror, matting sheets, your powder, cleansing wipes, etc.

Think before each stage of the wedding to make some alterations (photos, cocktails, dinner, cake etc.)

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