The preparations, the choice of providers, the galleys to avoid … Peggy Mignot, wedding planner for Mirabilis agency, explains everything to make your wedding perfect! His advice.

What budget? How to choose a DJ? Buffet or sit-down meal? All essential issues that all future married arise. During a chat, Peggy Mignot, wedding planner, responded to your questions. Find his best tricks!

The organization:

How far in advance should we go about her marriage?
Peggy Mignot: In Paris and the Paris region, a year before to reserve the room. People reserve the increasingly early, especially in June and July.

What are the most important expenditure items for a wedding?
The venue, catering, decoration … If you take an orchestra, this will be a very big expense item too.

Marriage and weather do not always mix … What to do to avoid problems?
Always have a Plan B. As such a tent or barn where to organize a cocktail in the rain. Either way, you should never plan anything – especially not a dinner – only outside. If it rains it is the cat!

What size should make a room for a wedding of about 200 people?
Minimum 300 square meters, to avoid moving tables at the dance.

The meal:

Buffet, cheaper than a seated dinner?
If you pass by a caterer, it will not necessarily cost you less. On a buffet, there is more food, more mess and more staff behind …

For wines and champagnes, better to let the caterer take care of or do it yourself?
Buy them for yourself, it will cost 2 times cheaper … And if a caterer talking about corkage, change it!

How much alcohol does it take per person?
For champagne (cocktail and dessert), one bottle for two. For white wine, a bottle for four, for red wine a bottle 3. And avoid hard liquor open bar after dinner!

The best combo for the day after the party?
Aspirin, Perrier and cold buffet.

How to find a good DJ?
Ask around. If ever you are attending a wedding or a party and the DJ please do not hesitate to ask him his card. Otherwise, select a number and ask to move quickly to one of their evenings to see how they work.

A wedding without music of the 80s, it is possible?Which titles do you recommend?
I personally do not like the music of the 80s … For the choice of music, I ask them to make me a list of their classic tracks and especially the styles of music they do not like.

How to avoid having too kitschy photos?
One avoids taking a kitsch photographer! Watch her book.And if you see the style of the poses we made cuckoo behind a tree with duck in the background, fly!

+ Small advice:

What are the things that we forget for the big day?
Sometimes the bouquet! If not married often forget to eat lunch … And they do not have time to eat during the cocktail. So avoid hypoglycaemia attacks while eating pasta at lunchtime.

To be comfortable on my wedding day, nothing beats the sneakers … We dare or not?

Yes, for the sneakers. But it’s better to reserve for after opening the “ball”.

What is the best makeup for a bride?
The best make-up is one you will not feel disguised. Just do not shine (avoid flakes) for photos.

How not to kill each other with the beautiful family?
Do not talk money!

How to avoid being stressed out the big day and make the most of this day?
Delegate to the fullest! And enjoy every moment. It goes too fast.

What is a successful marriage for you?
For me it is to see the smile of my married all day …

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