As boyfriends, nothing will suffice to thank your guests attending the big day. Therefore, we do everything possible mimaréis during the event. A nice way to do this is by giving a detail. 10 tidbits we show that love them.
For your friends and family being invited to attend and your “Yes, I do!” and it will be a treat. However, as you’ll want boyfriends always thank the gesture, and would like to share with you one of the most important days of your lives.

Therefore, it is super important that they must carefully during the event, you offer them every possible comfort, good food, atmosphere and … some other tidbit!

While it is true that the material is less important, so it is that we like when we give away something or someone think of us leaving a detail. They are secondary things, but we always surprised and gladdened the time. And this will be enough to give away and to surprise your wedding attendees reason!

Special, beautiful, practical and staff . Or even very, very rich! We show you 10 ideas of details that will delight your guests.

Tea time…
If the gift is beautiful and practical, it’ll be double the illusion!

A cup, next to a “pack of tea” or “coffee pack” much like your guests. In addition always be a wise move, because if someone does not like tea or coffee … “do well always have at home”, is not it? On the other hand, a cup is a must in our kitchens whereupon A detail of the most complete!

Veneers may seem the typical detail “silly” which then remain at home, but no! Today, we find very cool and original plates, with hilarious messages and drawings.

It is true that, in itself, is not very useful, but give a good vibe to your wedding!

you can create a “game” with plates, for example with a single and married another. It will be super fun! Or, directly, you can include your names on the plates as a souvenir. And drawings and phrases that your guests can have a laugh.

In addition, a sheet always wear a box, bag or shoulder bag. Your guests will love the idea!

A sweet tooth will love this detail, sure! The food is a good gift, because despite last little, little … always be a wise move, especially if it comes to sweets.

Candies, chocolates, macarons, cookies … You have a thousand options to choose from, from the most typical and sweet, the most select, you see. Also, if you wish will be able to customize your candy , or add the color and shape that you want. Pretty A detail, personal and rich!

Let us continue giving food! Another option, especially if you live in an area that is common or traditional food, or have a very good reputation, is to give that product.

Cheeses, oils, jams … For those fortunate that you have quality handmade products and your lands, no doubt this is the best detail that you can do.

You will love your guests, and also sure many of them will not have that product nearby. Therefore, added value!

Another option that will not fail! Regalad some good bottles of wine, craft beer or liquor. This type of drinks always like, and even certainly not pass away wedding … because usually drunk soon!

Decorated wi bottles, customize with your names and beautiful designs, regalad a game or two drinks a whole. Seek ways of pretty presentation!

A popular detail and will serve to decorate the homes of your guests are candles. Scents, colors and different designs or custom … A candle will always be a wise move, as sure at one time or another your guests will use it to illuminate and acclimate their homes.

For the hot…
Of the more practical details, and even it is essential if you celebrate your wedding in the summer, outside or areas make much heat.

Let the light of your guests a corner with fans, umbrellas, hats and sunglasses. Do not hesitate to thank you very much, for the sun, heat and sweat will be extremely uncomfortable and can annoy your day.

Put these details in nicely decorated chords places with the style of your wedding and with posters encouraging them to take what they want.

A classic, talk about the products or “packs bath”. Towels or soaps, for example, will be useful gifts , because they are things they will use in their daily lives. Decoradlos with a nice design, colorful, personalized and play if you do it in pack.

For him or her …
A gift for everyone. That is, sometimes fear the detail and want to make a mistake … So one option will be to give away something for women and some for men . For example, some pins pretty delight the most coquettish, or a comfortable flat shoes or sneakers, not only will love … they be reduced necessary to ease the pain of those uncomfortable high heels.

A typical gift and a guaranteed success for men is pure, but also it will be so for many women. With the atmosphere of the wedding, music, party, laughter and alcohol, a good cigar always appreciated, even nonsmokers tested!

Finally, a present trend in weddings today are the type cactus plants. In small pots, decorated corresponding to the wedding style. These plants will be a success, because in the house of your guests will always be room for them. They can plant them and care for them, give joy and color to your home, and provided the look will remember your great day!

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