You decided to marry? Congratulations. You’re lucky the past few years, a wind of change blowing across the planet marriage. New trends from the Anglo-Saxon countries – particularly the United States – have emerged.Practices that will allow you to seal your union with fantasy and modernity, and have a wedding that reflects you and like you, rather than a marriage mired in tradition and compulsory figures. Here are some ideas for planning a wedding different.

1. The place of receipt

No castle or domain hall but unusual places: a theater, a cinema, a circus … Fashion retro and vintage has honored places like dance halls, cabarets, capitals. The idea is to choose a place that looks like you, or is part of your story.

2. Holding the bride

Exit traditional dress “meringue” and bustier, arc hi view and review. The new generation bride wants to be more princess but bohemian, romantic or natural. More big stiff but loose hair bun, braid, or flowers in the hair. She loves light clothing, beautiful fabrics (lace …). She dares shoes color has a different bouquet ( a bunch of pins , for example) no longer obeys conventions (no open shoes, etc..). It is itself simply.

3. Holding the groom

In the same vein, the groom new style does not take itself seriously and does not hesitate to violate the Conventions. We can decorate the costume fun accessories (original buttonholes, braces, or hat …), wear colored socks, striped, and even Converse feet. Uninhibited, they said!

3. The theme of the wedding

Tired of endless classic themes such as butterflies, angels or the cinema … The themes of current marriage are more personal and less already seen. Examples: Alice in Wonderland, Amelie, the carnival, the 30s, etc.. If you love the original themes, the blog My Fair party is for you. 🙂

4. A secular commitment ceremony

Also in the spirit of authenticity, the ceremonies in the church are increasingly shunned in favor of secular ceremonies, as their name implies, have no religious character. Newlyweds do not want to succumb to the hypocrisy of the church to get married without being practitioners just for decency (and not to offend the parents). Secular ceremonies are like married, loaded with humor and emotion and often during a nice staging (outdoor ceremony in the woods, etc..).

5. Bridesmaids

And if traditional children honor the procession were replaced by bridesmaids, dressed in the same color, which are relatives or friends of the bride? This typically Rican custom bridesmaids landed here and conquered couples seeking modernity.

6. The arrival of married

Rather than a car decorated bling, why not get on a Vespa, a tandem bike, or a Citroen 2 horses? Vintage more than ever on the rise.

7. A different menu

The Americans have no complex in marriage and married on a budget would do well to emulate. They do not hesitate to offer their guests a meal as brunch, Tea Party, barbecue or picnic (!), And it also gives pretty weddings. Why wedding meal should he obey rigid rules?

8. A wedding cake

It replaces the traditional wedding cake of cabbage or macaroons (n ​​2007) with a wedding cake in the U.S., which also means beautiful than good. This is a custom cake, themed wedding cake sculpted by a designer. If you want to throw open the view to your guests, this is what you need.

9. Gifts for guests

If, like me, you do not like sweets, know that you can offer your guests something else to jams, sweets, chocolate, tea bags, cards, candles, soaps, or t-shirts, the possibilities are now Many thanks for your guests.

Of course, this list is not exhaustive and you can find more ideas to customize your day J. Personally, I appreciate the spirit of weddings in the U.S. because they take themselves less seriously, are less rigid, traditional wedding where the French is entangled in conventions to follow. The best in my opinion is to stay true to yourself and draw in marriage practices which suits us, whether traditional or fashionable trends.

Good preparation!

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