Would you marry me ? The question you’ve been waiting for ages. And finally, your dear husband popped the question! Since you count the days to the D-Day approach and stop imagining you cross the aisle in a beautiful white dress. Do not rush, the year of preparations is full of pleasures. Proof by 10.

1) Saying yes

Unbelievable but true: he took the plunge and you asked THE question. 10 times, 20 times, 100 times you would like to relive that magical moment when you said “yes”.

2) tell his best friend

Since you know it, you imagine all your future will look like: wedding, baby first, job … So of course when you said ‘yes’, is the first person you want to entrust.

3) Try Wedding Dresses

Because this is the first thing your guests will look, your choice must be perfect. You link fittings along with your group of friends. And by dint of hearing how wonderful you are white, you begin to get a taste for shopping sessions.

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4) Taste cakes

If there is something cool in the wedding preparations, it is this one. Caterers after caterers, you spend your days to taste the cakes of all kinds. And we do not believe you do not enjoy. Rather chocolate or vanilla?

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5) Being the best

No way to see one of your girlfriends land at the ceremony in too trendy outfit. For once in your life, you can prevent the other girls to be more beautiful, enjoy it.

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7) The girl bachelor party

Your maiden bachelor (EVJF for short) may be one of the most memorable nights of your life. Provided you avoid the ridiculous challenges.Do not want to you to choose THE bridesmaid who think of you before thinking of photos she will unveil your future husband.

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6) To receive tons of gifts

Imagine your birthday and Christmas at the same time, the dream.

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7) If we say never again will our evenings like this:

You ask two pairs of chopsticks by ordering sushi, two croissants on Sunday morning, two cinema tickets … In short, you will never be alone and it’s worth all the pleasures of the world.

9) Organize a fabulous festival

At 16 your mother would not, at 18 you did not have enough money to organize a crazy party and your 25 you prefer to save for an apartment. ” Today you have a gold due to prepare for the craziest night of your life.

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10) To marry the man of her life

You love him, he loves you and you are more ready than ever to say ‘yes’. Cinderella had her prince, you have yours. You know deep within you: it is HIM. So go ahead, enjoy and live the day fully.

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