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Tips for choosing your wedding dress 2016

All the time we dream of going to buy our wedding dress, to find that perfect garment that feels us like a glove and make us feel princesses for a day. When you go for yours, consider these tips.

Choosing the wedding dress is a very exciting time but also feel a great responsibility. You would like your partner, your guests and to like yourself.

From here we encourage you to be yourself, you feel good in your dress and think first about you and how happy you’ll be Luciano on your big day. To start, get yourself some basic questions and consider your response to incriminate when choosing your dress.

What season you get married? Not the same a wedding dress spring to winter, for example.
What type is your wedding? A wedding in the countryside, on the beach, vintage, classic … Your dress has to inspire the same as the rest of the environment of your wedding.
What style do you like for your dress? It is directly related to your personality. Romantic , modern, simple, classic … every bride has her own.
Do you prefer a long or short dress? Not go short are less bride, now no precise models. Otherwise if you want to go long, go ahead.
You know what color you want your dress? The traditional white or shades like ivory nearby or champagne, or daring you and bear a colored dress or a touch of color is embroidered, tie or stamping.
What is your budget? You know what margin figures you move will help you choose the shop or store where you can buy your dress. There are very affordable options. Remember that you can also rent it .

Finally, do not forget not to have a body ten to be impressive in your dress.

Nobody knows better than you how to get you out party.
The type of cleavage, the cut of the dress, everything influences.
Choose a dress that fits your body and its forms and feel inside and out as the main character you’ll be the day of your wedding.

How to Choose your Bridal Shoes Colors?

The color is very successful in the dressing brides and extends to accessories. Shoes wedding colors are an option to consider, certainly not leave anyone indifferent. You dare?

Under the wedding dress many secrets, some of them can be displayed proudly, like shoes hide. The color is trend and has already reached the foot of the bride, are you game?

The only prerequisite if you decide to wear some shoes color is the same as for white shoes and its range: its brightness or lack of it is the same as that of your dress.

What’s your favorite color? Red, blue, purple, fuchsia … bring it on that special day, it will give you a unique strength and energy.

You can also make the color of your shoes combine with any of these things:

Flowers in your bouquet .
Some of the base colors of your wedding decoration.
The same look in the tie of the groom.
Some of the jewelry and accessories you are going to wear that day.
If you can give the whim, many shoe designers are beginning to introduce models girlfriend in bright colors and wonderful models .

An advantage of these shoes is that you can then use them on other occasions, more often than any model in the range of whites.

Especially advice for choosing your bridal shoes is q ue you feel comfortable and remember that if you have not thought then cambiártelos, the’ll look all day.

Tips for Choosing Short Wedding Dresses

hoosing the wedding dress is a decisive and unexpected moment. Now that the warm weather arrives, brides can also show off legs and remain princesses. Short dresses are gaining ground and prominence, more and more.

Yes, it is true that the bride par excellence has long gone. But times are changing and designers take to market precious wedding dresses short to be taken into consideration when you go to choose yours.

A short dress is perfect for civil weddings at City Hall or the court and replaces the classic suit jacket giving a look of real girlfriend was previously more difficult to achieve.
Short runs from the thighs up above the ankles, there is plenty of models that will serve as the type of ceremony or the kind of feast that go to celebrate.
A short dress can be perfect for an elegant and sober look, to 50 or 60, and even vintage chic but can also be a romantic dress you tap more youthful and carefree.

They are very fresh and light so they are ideal for brides marry in the hottest months of the year.
You can take advantage and use colorful accessories , such as a jacket, bolero or shawl and do not forget the shoes, which has also reached the color in bridal fashion.
Wear short dress does not mean not being able to wear the veil or tiara on your wedding day but what usually look better with this kind of dress is a hit .
There are minis, baby doll, ladylike, chiffon, tulle with overlapping with corset or straps and all kinds of necklines and materials. Sure to find the perfect place to be dazzling dress on your big day.

Wedding dresses for pregnant Girls

Until recently, marriage was frowned pregnant. But today things have changed and women can wear tummy on her wedding day unapologetic. If you’re one of them, read on.

Before pregnancy weddings were precipitated more by shame and “what people say” that the desire to marry.

Now you can take your time you to prepare your wedding even match the months in your tummy will be more prominent.

  • Do not dismiss at any time from your mind the chance to feel like a real princess that day, do not put limits or barriers when choosing.
    If you’ve always dreamed of marrying white, fulfill your dream. Being pregnant is cause for joy, not sadness and dark colors if you do not want.
    Try to be a lightweight fabric that despite or you do not press and with which you can move freely.

To choose the models before you know whether you will marry in the first quarter or second of your pregnancy.

  • In the first quarter, dresses cut to be the best you feel your figure constantly changing.
    In the second quarter, however, dresses Empire style , under the breast, will be ideal to look perfect that day.
    Best not very pronounced necklines and tight sleeve or a little but of course, it will also have to do with your constitution and what you you sit more comfortable.
    Still, if you want to look neckline, which will favor the more you will be in V .
    Do not forget that it is your day, you have to feel beautiful, comfortable and as light as you can to enjoy every minute.

10 wedding details we love

As boyfriends, nothing will suffice to thank your guests attending the big day. Therefore, we do everything possible mimaréis during the event. A nice way to do this is by giving a detail. 10 tidbits we show that love them.
For your friends and family being invited to attend and your “Yes, I do!” and it will be a treat. However, as you’ll want boyfriends always thank the gesture, and would like to share with you one of the most important days of your lives.

Therefore, it is super important that they must carefully during the event, you offer them every possible comfort, good food, atmosphere and … some other tidbit!

While it is true that the material is less important, so it is that we like when we give away something or someone think of us leaving a detail. They are secondary things, but we always surprised and gladdened the time. And this will be enough to give away and to surprise your wedding attendees reason!

Special, beautiful, practical and staff . Or even very, very rich! We show you 10 ideas of details that will delight your guests.

Tea time…
If the gift is beautiful and practical, it’ll be double the illusion!

A cup, next to a “pack of tea” or “coffee pack” much like your guests. In addition always be a wise move, because if someone does not like tea or coffee … “do well always have at home”, is not it? On the other hand, a cup is a must in our kitchens whereupon A detail of the most complete!

Veneers may seem the typical detail “silly” which then remain at home, but no! Today, we find very cool and original plates, with hilarious messages and drawings.

It is true that, in itself, is not very useful, but give a good vibe to your wedding!

you can create a “game” with plates, for example with a single and married another. It will be super fun! Or, directly, you can include your names on the plates as a souvenir. And drawings and phrases that your guests can have a laugh.

In addition, a sheet always wear a box, bag or shoulder bag. Your guests will love the idea!

A sweet tooth will love this detail, sure! The food is a good gift, because despite last little, little … always be a wise move, especially if it comes to sweets.

Candies, chocolates, macarons, cookies … You have a thousand options to choose from, from the most typical and sweet, the most select, you see. Also, if you wish will be able to customize your candy , or add the color and shape that you want. Pretty A detail, personal and rich!

Let us continue giving food! Another option, especially if you live in an area that is common or traditional food, or have a very good reputation, is to give that product.

Cheeses, oils, jams … For those fortunate that you have quality handmade products and your lands, no doubt this is the best detail that you can do.

You will love your guests, and also sure many of them will not have that product nearby. Therefore, added value!

Another option that will not fail! Regalad some good bottles of wine, craft beer or liquor. This type of drinks always like, and even certainly not pass away wedding … because usually drunk soon!

Decorated wi bottles, customize with your names and beautiful designs, regalad a game or two drinks a whole. Seek ways of pretty presentation!

A popular detail and will serve to decorate the homes of your guests are candles. Scents, colors and different designs or custom … A candle will always be a wise move, as sure at one time or another your guests will use it to illuminate and acclimate their homes.

For the hot…
Of the more practical details, and even it is essential if you celebrate your wedding in the summer, outside or areas make much heat.

Let the light of your guests a corner with fans, umbrellas, hats and sunglasses. Do not hesitate to thank you very much, for the sun, heat and sweat will be extremely uncomfortable and can annoy your day.

Put these details in nicely decorated chords places with the style of your wedding and with posters encouraging them to take what they want.

A classic, talk about the products or “packs bath”. Towels or soaps, for example, will be useful gifts , because they are things they will use in their daily lives. Decoradlos with a nice design, colorful, personalized and play if you do it in pack.

For him or her …
A gift for everyone. That is, sometimes fear the detail and want to make a mistake … So one option will be to give away something for women and some for men . For example, some pins pretty delight the most coquettish, or a comfortable flat shoes or sneakers, not only will love … they be reduced necessary to ease the pain of those uncomfortable high heels.

A typical gift and a guaranteed success for men is pure, but also it will be so for many women. With the atmosphere of the wedding, music, party, laughter and alcohol, a good cigar always appreciated, even nonsmokers tested!

Finally, a present trend in weddings today are the type cactus plants. In small pots, decorated corresponding to the wedding style. These plants will be a success, because in the house of your guests will always be room for them. They can plant them and care for them, give joy and color to your home, and provided the look will remember your great day!

Butterflies fly! A magical moment at your wedding

“Butterflies fly” offers you the chance to blow all your wishes on your wedding day. This is an innovative company that offers a magical moment for your celebration: a release of butterflies.

In Eastern culture, it is believed that butterflies are messengers of desires and as silent beings, guard our secrets. There is a legend that says that butterflies in flight rising to the sky to bring our wishes to the gods and that these are met. “If you release a butterfly and make a wish, it will come to heaven and your wish will come true …”

Butterflies Fly! you proposes a release of butterflies during your celebration . Let your wishes fly very high!

This company raises its butterflies especially for each event. The orange tones Monarch Butterfly (the “Queens of the wild world”) stained the sky to regale a unique and unforgettable moment.

There are three types of single butterfly:

Loose mass: It consists of releasing a large number of butterflies that will be in a box. The minimum recommended to create a nice effect is 20 butterflies. The more butterflies are released, the better it will be.
Single Release: Consists release butterflies at a time . Butterflies will transported in boxes decorated according to the decoration of each event. Each box contains a butterfly.
Loose Mixed: It consists of making the two types of loose at once. For example, a box of mass loose with 50 butterflies and 25 individual loose boxes.

Your guests will be surprised with this nice detail and receive as a gift a chrysalis Monarch Butterfly: a real natural jewel. They can live in person the birth of a butterfly, a magical moment.

“Butterflies will fly to” help you get a full of romance and excitement during your wedding moment. Like when they put their butterflies on an altar and the ceremony was held as butterflies flitted around the couple.


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10 bride preparation for wedding day

Would you marry me ? The question you’ve been waiting for ages. And finally, your dear husband popped the question! Since you count the days to the D-Day approach and stop imagining you cross the aisle in a beautiful white dress. Do not rush, the year of preparations is full of pleasures. Proof by 10.

1) Saying yes

Unbelievable but true: he took the plunge and you asked THE question. 10 times, 20 times, 100 times you would like to relive that magical moment when you said “yes”.

2) tell his best friend

Since you know it, you imagine all your future will look like: wedding, baby first, job … So of course when you said ‘yes’, is the first person you want to entrust.

3) Try Wedding Dresses

Because this is the first thing your guests will look, your choice must be perfect. You link fittings along with your group of friends. And by dint of hearing how wonderful you are white, you begin to get a taste for shopping sessions.

 © Twentieth Century Fox France

4) Taste cakes

If there is something cool in the wedding preparations, it is this one. Caterers after caterers, you spend your days to taste the cakes of all kinds. And we do not believe you do not enjoy. Rather chocolate or vanilla?

 © imdb

5) Being the best

No way to see one of your girlfriends land at the ceremony in too trendy outfit. For once in your life, you can prevent the other girls to be more beautiful, enjoy it.

 © StudioCanal Deutschland

7) The girl bachelor party

Your maiden bachelor (EVJF for short) may be one of the most memorable nights of your life. Provided you avoid the ridiculous challenges.Do not want to you to choose THE bridesmaid who think of you before thinking of photos she will unveil your future husband.

 © Sony Pictures Releasing GmbH

6) To receive tons of gifts

Imagine your birthday and Christmas at the same time, the dream.

 © Universal Pictures International France

7) If we say never again will our evenings like this:

You ask two pairs of chopsticks by ordering sushi, two croissants on Sunday morning, two cinema tickets … In short, you will never be alone and it’s worth all the pleasures of the world.

9) Organize a fabulous festival

At 16 your mother would not, at 18 you did not have enough money to organize a crazy party and your 25 you prefer to save for an apartment. ” Today you have a gold due to prepare for the craziest night of your life.

 © Mars Distribution

10) To marry the man of her life

You love him, he loves you and you are more ready than ever to say ‘yes’. Cinderella had her prince, you have yours. You know deep within you: it is HIM. So go ahead, enjoy and live the day fully.

How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Hairstyle 2016

The wedding dress you have chosen is your guide for choosing your hairstyle for your wedding day. Believe it or not, the hairstyle is responsible to give your look the finishing touch, so it is very important that you choose considering the style of your dress, so that the complete hairstyle, harmonize and improve the image you want to display.

Important tips for choosing the perfect wedding hairstyle

-To Harness and wear your hair, it is appropriate to use a strapless dress. For perfect luzcas have to take care and hair loose, with large waves or molded.

If you do not like her hair look, opt for an updo or for semirrecogido are two suitable options if your chosen dress is strapless.

If your dress is V-neck, I recommend you opt for a beautiful semirrecogido, but it falls on the side, if you really want to soften the effect opts for a higher collected, if you really want to promote it.

-A Neckline halter dress is suitable to expose the back and shoulders. To wear it in the best way, we have to choose a high collected.

-The Collected or semirrecogidos side are very suitable for use with asymmetrical neckline dresses.

If the wedding dress you bought is very elaborate, I advise you to choose a hairstyle that is simple and uncluttered.

But if the dress is simple chooses a hairstyle that really is more developed, so that makes a difference in your look.


Tips for choosing the perfect wedding hairstyle as dress

Combed for your strapless dress. For this type of dress is great tail hairstyle half or semi-collected, that way it will look spectacular hair. You can even choose to wear your hair with a pretty well-defined waves. But if you’re a bride who does not like to wear your hair, do not worry. What you should do is to opt for a low collected.

Hairstyle to dress with one shoulder. These dresses are loa lucky, because you can wear with a beautiful braid, a semi-collected or picked up on one side.Mind you, the hairstyle must always go to the same covered shoulder.

Hairstyle for a halter neckline. For this type of dresses and for those with closed or turtleneck, the best choice is a high bun or collected, which allow the cleavage of the remaining exposed look good.

Combed for V neckline. This type of neckline is appropriate to wear a beautiful bust and therefore it is advisable to opt for a bun or tied high. If you want to be a little more modest and that the eyes of your guests do not focus on the neckline, I advise you to choose a semi-collected or average queue at some hairs falling sideways.

Styling for a striking dress. If the wedding dress you have chosen is more ornate or have more details, such as lace or rhinestones sand is better than a hairstyle that is really simple and touched a supplement or that are not very flashy.

Hairstyle for simple dress. If your dress is simple is better to opt for a hairstyle that is manufactured or a veil or headdress most striking.


How to choose the makeup and hair for my wedding

-The Makeup you choose for your wedding day, you have to help highlight the positive features of his face in a natural and harmonious way, because as bride will be the center of attention of the whole party.

‘It’s not appropriate to choose a very heavy makeup, so the tones have to be properly elected, leaning tones that favor those that reflect your personality and style, but without excess.

-The Makeup has to be a fresh, radiant and light look. In addition, the makeup has to last until after the wedding. Therefore, the makeup of the bride has to be special and professional, using products that are heat resistant and last much longer hours.

-To Avoid stress, dissatisfaction and discomfort, it is recommended that a hair and makeup test is conducted days before the celebration. This way you can choose with his hair and makeup artist the look that best suits their tastes and traits.

-When Choosing between a collected, loose or semi-up style, there are 2 items to consider: your personal style and type of clothing to be used. Both elements go together and are reflected in each other.

If you are a more traditional bride, with some traditional tastes you have chosen a conservative cute dress, then I recommend you opt for an up style.Mind you, this hairstyle has to be a classic style.

If your style is more romantic and all your wedding reflects, better you choose semi-collected hairstyles movement and waves, so it gets an image full of love and grace on that special day.

If you’re a bride who is at the forefront and behind the latest trends, opt for hair collected: modern, with innovative touches and twisted, are options which can reflect your fashion watch fashion.

But, if you’re a bride who loves nature and opt for simple trends, have to carry the loose hair, smoothed moving in waves or just take headdresses of flowers or other items that will help you reveal your personality.


Every year, Pan-tone sets the tone and trends inspired by designating the color of the year and the headlights nuances of each season. For ready-to-wear as well as for decorative ideas, these trends are words of gospel! These shades also invite in weddings to create floral arrangements look great above all, rooted in the zeitgeist. In 2016, the Marsala was designated color of the year. But this summer, fresh colors like Scuba Blue and Strawberry Ice are being added to breathe a poetry wind on the happiest day of your life!


The color has already attracted many brides for its warmth, elegance and originality …
For pretty floral, think red peonies, pink, with buttercups, the scabious, the Cala Lily maroon, burgundy dahlia and red berries or fruits. To associate with the white to highlight the refined color or other colors of flowers for sophisticated alliances.

Color to bridal bouquet marsala

Photographs views Style Me Pretty


Need some ideas for your flower arrangements? Pantone colors of summer 2016 will inspire you!
And names of flowers sound like poetry! Aquamarine, Scuba Blue, Lucite Green, Strawberry Ice or Tangerine, flower petals with these colors will blow a breeze of modernity and romance to your wedding decoration!
The aquamarine and are found in scuba blue flowers blue hydrangea as the Nigella and tweedia, a flower with exotic hue, from Brazil. If the greedy color of strawberry ice is easily found in roses, gerbera-like daisies or clematis, flowers mountains, hue toasted almond, it arises on the petals of scabiosa or wheat, to sublimate bouquet.

Wedding bouquets declination of Aquamarine
Want to spicy shades to enhance your flower arrangements? Cap on tangerine, a bright orange color of some roses, cymbidium orchids and dahlias, which will highlight the other flowers. Finally, another Pantone color of summer 2016, the custard, cream or yellow, which is found on some pink, yellow poppies, or Eremurus, soften all your bouquets.


Vintage? Country? Romantic? Refined? 2016 Pantone colors easily marry with your wedding decoration. Thus, roses and Strawberry Ice Tangerine be sublimated by Marsala dahlias for a bouquet with summer shades of the finest. Want to make a country breeze blowing? The Lucite Green Eucalyptus or Echeveria marry with ease at the cymbidium orchid tangerine and yellow poppies Custard.
A marine theme? Cap on delphinium shade Classic Blue Hydrangea or Scuba Blue which soften with an alliance of Eremurus Custard!
For more refined compositions, Marsala will unite with through Custard roses for decoration more sophisticated.

Wedding bouquets around the tangerine and custard

These shades of alliances offer the guarantee of a successful wedding decoration!